Gold Seller Spam in in-game Mail

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I’ve had this issue lately too. I don’t even understand why it hides the mail when you report it, because it’s visible again once you relog.

I’ve been reporting 3 separate letters I’ve gotten every single day for a couple weeks.

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Keep it up, I’m trying to make sure your entire summary is full of replies to me.

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Put the person who sent it to you on ignore. See if that helps.

You have to type out the person’s name to put them on ignore. So far I have not gotten any with the alternate letters. I have done this and it seems to stop the mail from that person, but I still get the mail from other people. I do believe it is part of the bot problem.

As long as those people are paying for an account and Blizzard uses their account to report that “We have so MANY subs, the game must be doing great.” This will continue.

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If confirmation bias coats your entire perception about everything that goes on with the game, it’s a wonder why you even bring this up as a “problem” to solve if you have no faith in Blizzard’s ability in the first place.

You might as well be screaming into the wind if that’s your attitude.

Just report the bots, the spam, etc.

Only way you’ll ever stop the botting problem is to stop other players from buying gold. You may have reported this person for spam, but other players are buying gold from these bots.

This is a player-created problem. Blizzard is doing everything they can to solve it, but it’s not their fault it exists.

I am curious, how many of you would actually buy gold to use in BC Classic? I know I will not.
I prefer to play as we should, to uphold the TOS.

So why can’t Blizzard give us a better way to report these mails? I mean, I am no tech wizard, but surely someone out there who makes add ons can come up with something?

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Nobody who does would answer this truthfully, not unless you were specifically asking about the WoW Token. In which, case, there’s probably a lot of folks who would leap at such an opportunity to buy a Token.

A better way how? There’s a report function right there, isn’t there? Use it.

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