Gold Seller Spam in in-game Mail

For weeks now I’m getting e-mails, most from the SAME CHARACTERS that are advertising selling gold, going through the forums here I see that this is a recurring issue with people complaining about it for months, and yet there seems to be no action towards addressing it.

Can you AT LEAST add an option to ignore the mails so we don’t get new ones from the same characters? I know that is going against current Blizzard policy, that is, solving a problem, but you could pretend to, right?


When you report, they put on ignore list.
The mail is then hidden.
Once they come off your temp ignore the same mail comes back.
It has been said to delete the mail if you have reported the same one in the past.


If it comes back just keep reporting it. Eventually it goes away.

Or is that too much effort for you?

My dear uncooked noodle, please read again the part I said I reported multiple times the same character


imagine crying that you received 1 copper in the mail for free.


Getting rich 1 copper at a time.


I’ve read your response three times and I don’t see anywhere where you said you reported them at all?

I’ve had it happen, once. I just clicked “return” and haven’t had any since. Kind of wishing I had taken the copper now … :confused:

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Please respond to this thread. The Op put in a ticket and this was their response.


In my experience, reporting does nothing. It’s only temporary. I brought it up with Customer Support, they blew me off. Most RMT who do it have special characters in their names so it’s impossible to copy-paste it to the ignore list. There needs to be a ignore button on the mail, or block accounts in general {this would help against harassment in my opinion}, or just have an option to disable receiving mail in general except from Auction House or in-game things.

While some of you say “that’s so little effort to just delete them”, sorry but support has gotten so lazy lately, as most of us know, their automatic system will probably just ban your account for association with the bots/RMT for keeping the mail or by responding to them/sending mail with copper back.

I use the Auction House a lot and it’s obnoxious to sift through and see 15 RMT mailers in my inbox every time I log in, and trying to sift through everything and not take all the items that didn’t sell yet is annoying. I can report all I want but it does NOTHING. I can delete them but it doesn’t stop the same person from continuously mailing me for over a WEEK. This is called harassment people. It’s no different that having your children knock on the bathroom door every second while you’re trying to do your business, or having a nosy neighbor come by your house all the time, or a family member constantly invading your space. I like to log in, not deal with anyone, level through and log out.


Terrible, terrible advice. Just awful.

The most annoying part is: you report, the mail disappears, then it gets reinstated next time you login again.


Submit a ticket for harassment then? Maybe that will work.

If we all send them back at the same time we can maybe break their mailbox.

That’ll show em

I returned it too.

I figure that with the way Blizzard is acting these days, even accepting 1c from a gold seller could be a temp ban for “manipulating the game economy.”

I figured it’s not worth it for 1c, lol.

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Lol are you serious?

How is the players job to be reporting the same player offering to sell gold over and over? Like what planet are you living on?

Legit some of the Blizzard bootlickers on these forums are next level


Better to be uncooked than already burned by my own words!
Locate the part for me and i shall gladly read it.

Reporting literally does nothing.

Are we even playing the same game?

So, can you explain this?

Hahahahaha so because Blizzard said that, then they are actually doing something about the reports.

Meanwhile you report the same obvious bots a few times a week and never see them get banned.

Must be the players not reporting enough right? Certainly isn’t the Billion dollar company doing absolutely nothing about the botting problem that’s been in the game SINCE PHASE 1 OF CLASSIC 2 YEARS AGO

Then stop playing?

Don’t know what to tell you dude. I choose to believe Blizzard is doing something about the problem. I’m taking them at their word and am going to continue playing the game on that assumption.

What’s your excuse?