Gold Seller Spam in in-game Mail

Lol you choose to believe without any evidence, do you also believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy? The evidence that they aren’t doing anything is abundant. You can literally go and watch the bots out in the open world do their thing.

I keep playing because this isn’t enough to stop me enjoying the game. That doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to complain about it.

Blizzard is a billion dollar company, we deserve better.

Me: “Blizzard bans thousands of bots, they said so.”

You: “But I saw one bot, which means you’re wrong.”

You’re absolutely correct. And it also doesn’t stop me from calling you a petulant child for doing so.

You’re going to take what they give you and you’re going to like it.

I’ve seen a couple that were CODs of a copper.

More absolutely deluded crap.

Of course Blizzard are going to report they are banning bots. What do you expect? lol

How about you go and look for yourself instead of making fool of yourself. Go to Mara, Slavepens, Zul Farrak, or any of the other heavily botted dungeons. Wait out the front and watch the bots zone out, walk to the exact same spot, then walk back in. Or hell, just do /who for any of these dungeons and see the armies of 58 boosted bots with gibberish names and no guild.

Blizzard do ban bots, but it’s once every 6 months when the damage is already done. It’s a drop in the ocean, a PR move that has basically no impact on the botters.

That perfectly sums up Blizz in 2021, more interested in PR than actually fixing problems.


Keep on living in your fantasy bootlicker world I guess

In a fantasy MMO? Yeah, good advice, Sherlock.


You’re supposed to role play in the game, not real life.

But hey what would I know, I’m not a Blizzard simp

Okay, simp! :+1:

Report, report, report.

Someone sent an alt a piece of linen with a COD of 881 gold. Reported him, too.

/ignore then report it as spam, that’s what i do.

They just make level 1 alts and run between bank and AH in SW on our server using say to advertise their websites. Pretty ballsy, I don’t think they fear Blizzard much.

This is what we get from them for them not being able to spell out the website in dead bodies. Say spam and mail spam.


all of retail is just spam messages for carries. you think blizz will do anything about this? unfortunately we know the answer.

it’s not advice. It’s a fact lol

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No, it’s not a fact.

You quoted my comment “reporting does nothing” as terrible, terrible advice. I never gave “advice”. Advice is telling someone what to do as a recommended and that it’s up to them on what they do or not. I never, EVER said “never report them” I said “reporting does nothing” and it literally doesn’t. Blizzard’s support is almost entirely an automatic algorithm that a real person doesn’t act unless they have to. I find myself reporting the same bot for a week straight with new mail from them each day. I’m saying, as a fact. Reporting. Does. Nothing. Or would you like me to rephrase… Reporting has been doing nothing. All a bot needs to do is make a new account or alt and continue their harassing.

Yes. That is the official line, but it’s pretty much a CYA mission statement. Little more.

It takes an absurd number of reports to trigger the automatic system. To the point that they’re almost entirely ineffective. Which, given Activision’s essentially eliminated live GMs and automated everything to maximize profit… at least means there’s not many false positives (or any kind of positives).

And it doesn’t address a few basic issues. Such as why it doesn’t automatically delete a mail when you report it. Or at least leave it visible so you can delete it at the same time you report it. It just means you have to deal with it twice.

Secondly - and this a broader issue - why isn’t there a dedicated report option for RMT? Other MMOs have this. It helps narrow down reports for RMT and speed up the process of identifying bots and sellers.

I’m of the opinion that Activision simply doesn’t care. The bots aren’t impacting their bottom line enough to make it a priority, so they’ve automated as much as they can and use the sub fees from the bots themselves to offset (perhaps even exceed) most of the remaining costs of dealing with them. Practical, but annoying.

Quite frankly, the ignore list should be exempt from the usual #nochanges philosophy, as it doesn’t directly affect gameplay and is a big QoL issue. I think ignoring someone should ignore their entire account for your entire account. Instead you have to add them to ignore on each toon. It would also be nice to have features like being able to notate the reason for the ignore, as well as a temporary ignore feature that automatically expired (such as for trade spam/trolls).

It would also be nice to be notified if someone on your ignore is in your party. If I ignore someone for bein’ a jackass, I don’t want to tank for them later if we’re on different toons. There’s an addon that does this, but it’s greatly limited in what it can do. I dunno.

That is false.

This is also highly misinformed.

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Except you cannot right click and report the mail spam!!! Come on Blizzard, you can do better than that