Gold per hour DM North vs east?


Basically which has higher gold per hour: DM east killing lashers and picking the herbs in the area


Killing the cave boss in DM N and mining the rich thorium in the cave?

And what is the average gold per hour comparison?


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Think the cave boss is also in dm east. Last boss after old ironbark smashes down the door. Chance at arcane crystal with the thorium too, so thats nice


Hmm maybe N is tribute runs.

Anyway mainly I’m just curious where the money is… farming the lasher and the herb then resetting


Farming the rich thorium veins and resetting


I can say people in my guild constantly talk about how much they make farming lashers w/herb. Haven’t heard anyone talk about farming the nodes.


Can you herb the lashers as well or is it just what they drop plus the herbs around them?


Just what they drop plus herbs around them. Usually 2-3 dreamfoil and gromsblood spawns, and 3 possible ghost mushroom spawns inside after you’ve finished lashers too (might have to kill a satyr or 2). For reference on gold making possibilities, I had 100g total on thursday, I farmed lashers all day friday, part of saturday, and all sunday, and bought my epic mount yesterday. The gold is in vendering the grays, selling or d/e-ing greens, and i got a glowing brightwood staff drop that sold for a bit on the AH.


like you farmed it with a mage or farmed it solo? arent they aoe packs?


Solo, holy priests have Holy Nova, which is an aoe damage/heal. As a priest 6.2k mana minimum is required to get off enough novas (9 of them) and have a comfy time in there. As a warrior you could team up with a healer(and maybe a dps if you’re both not quite geared yet) and do jump runs. With mining and herbalism that’s pretty good gph too.


So which is more gph, the thorium veins in the cave or the lasher area with herbs?

Obviously the lasher area has more stuff, but time is a contributor as well.


It’s impossible to say 100% without knowing what class you’re playing and the availability of other players/ what profs you have. I don’t do cave runs because i don’t have mining, and unless you can solo your way to the caves (from what I’ve seen spriest, locks, and hunters can do this) you’ll always be relying on another player which can be a bummer. That said, if you can link up with ONE other player and successfully do jump runs (both will need to be decently geared) and can keep doing them consistently (requiring both of you to be online and in sync for hours straight) as long as one has mining and the other has herb, you can probably make more money than just straight lasher farming. I just like the lasher farming better tho cuz I’m not relying on another player and can zone out and watch netflix while I do it.

edit: not sure how many runs you can feasibly fit into an hour doing the duo/cave farm, but with lashers its very easy to get 5 runs/hr


Ah yea i knew about Holy Nova, i just didn’t think it would do enough damage before running OOM to clear them. Cool to know, tho!


Most definitely!


You’re thinking of east, but north is actually pretty good for druids. You get a little gold for killing the bugs and first guard, but the good stuff is in the two warpwood pods; Run Tun Tubers turn into int buff food that sells really well on the AH. You also occasionally get shackle keys, which have the chance of landing you an epic BOE pattern.


I mean like if a warlock was to solo cave boss and get the thorium vs a priest, mage, or druid farming lashers and herb farming. Which makes more per reset, the thorium or the lashers/herbs?


If you could solo it probably the thorium route, but i can’t confirm as i’ve never personally solo’d it and don’t know how feasable it is in regards to runs/hr.

edit: Also i’m not sure druid’s can farm lashers because they’re immune to nature damage


I watched a Druid do it with hurricane and finishing I bear, does hurricane not work in classic on lashers?


Hurricane does not work on lashers in classic. At least, that is what I’ve heard from guildies who tried :frowning:


Ya, they ruined farming DM for Shaman and Druids. Not sure why when they leave it for Priests/Mages/Warlocks…


Hey so I had a few questions about lasher farming with a priest… are you speccing into disc tree then holy just for holy Nova? And as long as I have the 6.2k you should be okay? Like you don’t need any spell power, just intellect?.. and if I don’t have herbalism, is this still worth doing for gold?.. Also is there a safe way out of instance after you are done? Or do you just die?

  1. I’m holy spec’d, with my gear i have about 100 spell dmg but it shouldn’t matter cuz the coefficient on holy nova is bad anyways. It helps to bind a lower rank nova as well in case 3 or more lashers resisted and are alive after your 9 max rank novas (if only 1 or 2 are left alive you can just wand em, but make sure your wand isn’t nature dmg lol i had stormrager and the lashers are immune)

Note: the only disc talents I think are necessary are Inner Focus (for a free nova which you’ll need occasionally when too many resists happen) and Mental Agility to make the novas cost less mana

  1. with 6.2k mana you will be totally fine, I have 6.4atm and sometimes it helps but usually when everything is dead I have 200 mana left over

  2. Its worth doing without herbalism, but herbalism will increase the gold per hour by 5-10, which stacks more than you think after a 3 hour session

  3. to reset you can do 1 of 2 things.

  • log out and wait 5 minutes, after 5 minutes you’ll be teleported to the entrance and you can log back in then run out and reset(set a timer if you log back in before 5 mins you’ll still be where you logged off and have to wait another 5)
  • Have someone invite both your Priest and one of your alts to a party, make the Priest the party lead, run the farm, when you’re ready, log out and log onto your alt, after only 2 minutes party lead is automatically passed to your alt (cuz your main is offline), reset with your alt and log back in and you’re good to go

edit: get like 100 lvl 55 mage waters before you go, you’ll blow through so much water during the farm and you don’t wanna pay for vendor water. I usually tip mages 2g and they almost squeal with delight and fill the trade window with waters. mana pots aren’t a bad idea while you’re learning too. I died a few times just learning the patrols and getting the hang of the routes