Goblin Paladins

The fact that Goblins cannot be Paladins is a farce.

Goblins can be Priests.
Goblins can be Warriors.
But a Goblin cannot be a Warrior-Priest?

I will not stand for this.


Exactamundo, OP.

But with one of the big names (i’m bad at names sorry) saying they’ll be slowly unrolling all race/class combos, it’s just a matter of waiting now.


Unless the Light is a shiny golden coin I feel goblins wouldn’t really fall in service to it

Y’all really aren’t the self sacrifice type


Well of course you can be priests. Haven’t you seen the televangelists IRL?


That sounds…

… Kinda hot tbh.

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“Sorry pal, but The Shiny says youse gots ta die. Arrivederci!”


I can imagine a goblin paladin, every time he uses a protection spell he’s got a pay money to the light. every time he does a heal, you have to pay him money That he then has to offer up to the light. And then the money disappears


Bad at multi tasking.


You’ll get them eventually.

Classes that don’t require a lot of work will be first. Druids require forms, Paladins get racial mounts and Shamans have their own totems.

Same with gnomes.

But, are you even tall enough to be noticed?

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I will be very happy when they allow Goblins to be druids! :raccoon: :cat: :chipmunk:

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The Elements aren’t big shiny coins yet there are Goblin Shaman. Goblins aren’t big on self sacrifice, servitude, or being overly generous, no (though there are exceptions, as there are for all of wows races and cultures), but they ARE big on exploitation.

Why do you think goblin shaman totems are drills and smog machines and such? Exploitation! Abuse the elements for the almighty dollar! If they can do that to the elements, it’s only a matter of time before they can figure out how to abuse one of the many sources of Light infusion Paladins use, or how to create their own mockery of it.

The lore is they made a bargain with the elementals

Lights a bit more authoritarian


All classes for all races! Why can’t a goblin decide to be a devout follower of the light? Isn’t the purpose of a roleplaying game to make our characters what we want, and play them how we want? Any alignment? Break cultural conventions?

This isn’t a scripted movie, it’s a RPG. Think if Metzen never decided to make his DnD orc a good guy. Orcs in media would still be stuck in permanent villain mode. The Horde as we know it wouldn’t exist either.


I vaguely recall that to some degree that light works based on faith and willpower.

I could see a goblin becoming a paladin because he or she or they believe so sincerely that they can channel the power of the light from the shine of gold that it actually works.


Thats so crazy it could work


I mean there is Goblin Priest which is the Light ya know? They just heal for pay. It’s just how they are.

Also OP, I’m all for this. Go go Gobo pally!


Goblin Paladins = Lightforged debt collectors :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They sell goodness and happiness in the form of the light. The light can definitely be monotized by Goblins. With like a pay to win pyramid scheme to get more light power by selling light power.

Im thinking those limited time buy now TV ads. For like light based buffs or services. Like rez. Or pay to smite evil. The Goblin priests already have a leg up on it :smiley:

Ghostbusters sorta do good for money too as another alternative model.

Or some kind of self help scheme involving the light.

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