Go check out the LFG tool on PTR!

i guess you got me i didn’t realize blizzard dragged out wrath for almost a full year after the last major content patch.

aww c’mon…this is what makes holiday event “dungeons” so fun in retail.

then tank is dps, the healer is a tank or dps (prot pally checked off everything and came in not holy spec)…it gets interesting.

for non retailers holiday events don’t use standard LFD format. its a funky special one. it won’t auto switch specs.

normal lfd switches specs no user intervention. when I leveled dk open world was blood, ran dungeon as Frost. LFD flipped my spec for me.

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That’s why molten armor does damage to melee attackers so mage has extra tank threat…idiot!

That’s cool man.

Has no place in this tool. It’s just going to fire up the pro rdf side like this post did

rdf rdf rdf



but it’s not a bug, it was literally designed that way on purpose

Roles: We’re introducing roles into the UI in Wrath Classic. Partial groups can broadcast which slots they have open, and individuals can specify whether they’re willing to tank, heal, deal damage, or do multiple of the above. Roles are intended to expedite communication – not stifle gameplay creativity – so for the moment we’re keeping all roles open to all classes.
[Classic] Looking for Dungeon - #3 by Keltoras

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Personally i view the ability to queue as any rolle while on a pure dps as a way to farm/quest/dailies on my dps and then when i do get invited switch to my tank or healer after telling the group the name of my tank and logging over.

At least thats how i view it.


Saying the end of wrath is a bit disingenuous given the actual timing.


The usual Anti-LFD crowd has no idea what’s going on don’t mind them lol

because it is a watered down version of the retail LFG.

You can’t list that you are forming a group without inviting someone.

Unlike the retail LFG, this does not have a application sheet, instead when someone requests an invite to join your group it would be similar to what someone invites you to their group, it doesn’t display their class or their role at all.

Those are his reasons why its horrible.

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Sounds almost exactly like RDF

So then don’t invite the warlock as your healer? I’m not sure why you think someone signing up for a role means you have to take them.

“Hey, I see you’ve applied to my group. What class and role are you?”

Do you have anything productive to say ever?


3 posts… and whose alt may you be?

I won’t see who it is, what class, role/spec, level and not even role.

Devils advocate, isn’t that partially the same as RDF except for role? You wouldn’t know class of who you RDF queue, only that they are in level range and role.

Thats not true it has a tab that u can look at forming groups and what they already have in the group.

Its not great but i wouldnt say its horrible its like a starter kit of what is currently in retail.

At least someone is.

Im not sure why you are defending Blizzard and this tool for allowing it in the first place.

“Well its all part of the off spec meta” … forreal bro? I get your game here and there but thats one of your worst takes yet.

IMO the tool should not allow single players to queue, only groups. Then singles apply to the groups posted under certain roles and the leader invites.

Unsure why they didnt just take the tool from retail, its so much better than this garbage.

It should obviously also be patched to not allow rogues to queue as healers, and mages as tanks. etc.


Blizzard knows what the WoW classic and TBC classic populations are by looking at those games now. They handle no RDF just fine. Any increase in population is just a pure bonus… so they won’t implement RDF just for the people who are going to play for a little bit and then quit.

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you forum tatrum throwers always go after the persons account when you cant think of anything intelligent to say, as if that changes their words :joy: