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My water cooling has a huge impact on my FPS. Back in vanilla I was at 5-10 out of cities. Didn’t change the game. It does change how I interact with the game though.

Sure, but that’s like saying “The goal is to stop within 20 meters, but there’s a brick wall in the way… 5kms down the road.”

They need to tell us what the population caps will be for Realms after layering is over.

Asmongold’s Server will have like 10,000 players on it.

They don’t want to do that though specifically cause it could suggest a way for people to gauge subscriber count.

We didn’t think Blizzard would find a solution that is actually worst than the problem… they sure deliver when it’s time to f___ things up

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This is the problem with all these layering threads. Hundreds of thousands of game play hours are ignored and a handful of clips of people intentionally trying to abuse layering is all people care about. The STV chest is literally the only thing I have seen or experienced in all my beta time that is a legitimate issue.

Meanwhile, sharding would irritate you every single day. People fading in and out of your vision, walking up to a mining node only to see it vanish before your eyes and then reappear as you walk away… sharding is awful.


2.5k goal, with an elastic cap to 3000.

Agreed. If only blizzard could just… you know… do as it was in classic. No sharding no layering none of that bullcrap

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Oh I have no issues with any of the things blizzard has done, I lost all hope when I heard they weren’t making a progressive server.

The issue with layering that is built in and cannot be fixed is the fact that it creates multiple instances of the same server… you won’t see certain people… there are other “layers”. That is retail in a nutshell.

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Are you volunteering to wait 3 months after launch to play, so we can have the Classic launch have the same player profile as Vanilla?

I was one of the 350,000 last time, and I intend to be again, but so do millions of others.

I felt the same way about instancing in general, back when WoW was still on the drawing table.

Instancing removes the massive from MMO.

Layering is just another method of instancing. I can’t really complain about 1 form of it when it’s the core design.

CRZ and sharding take instancing and add even more issues but layering, with ICD and limited duration, is no where near as bad.

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LOL that’s not happening especially with layering. I think cap will be 5K.

Some servers with layering will have 8K+ on launch day.

I would agree those things definitely help it’s case… hopefully it’s in for a short period of time and does what it’s intended to do well

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I just hope they don’t keep it the whole first phase, which they did say was a potential.

giving a choice between layering and sharding; I would like to see sharding in the start zones

So… you’re ignoring everything they’ve said on population caps being the same as Vanilla after layering is gone?


I really think people need to actually listen to people like Patrick Dawson, on the Dev interviews, before typing.

No, it’s called “we wanted it to be authentic so we wanted sharding gone but failed to realize that Blizz would come up with an even worse idea.”


They are not going to have severs that small when you have people like Asmongold’s who attract thousands of players trying to play with them.

He is just a great example that, he has has more fans that will play Alliance than the population cap you suggest.

He will bring in like 4K alliance players alone.

I don’t mind ques and stuff, but 4-5 is a reasonable server size.

They are. And people clamoring to bathe in Asmongold’s “glory”, will be queuing for it.

Prior to layering’s removal the population cap will be 3000 x # of layers, with a probably cap of 4 layers, maybe 3 depending on their metrics.

The population cap isn’t a technical limitation, its a gameplay limitation designed to ensure that there aren’t so many people you can’t play, but there are enough people to feel populated. It’s got nothing to do with demand and they’re not going to cater to a streamer. You’re also going to find a lot fewer people trailing after him once they get to play themselves. People will get sick of having a queue every day, and roll on a normal server.

Blizzard isn’t building their servers around streamers, and people need to build a streamer-ignoring bridge and get over.

Do you have a guide for this route? I’m going to play as a nelf druid and my friend is playing a gnome. He suggested that we level in the dwarfen areas to avoid the masses in the human area.