Go back to Sharding

No one needs to change your mind. If you don’t want to deal with it, don’t play my friend. Or wait 'til phase 2 so you can guarantee it’s gone.

It pays off in the long run. Yes you dont get silver. But you get access to many FPs and that will pay off down the road. I tend to go from Nelf Area, do the run of death, get almost all of the FPs from Wetlands to Westfall.

Well with Nelf, I guess I can understand that better. I just tend to see the “traveling to grab flight points” as traveling you will be doing anyways. There are some times that I could see it as an advantage, but less so of just going out of your way to grab it without an added advantage in that given point of time.

Go ahead and forget all those anti layering reports prior to Blizzard adding an internal cool down.

Now, try to find an exploit with the ICD and we can discuss it.

Beta is massively underpopulated and not an indication of overcrowding by any stretch of the imagination.

I’m surprised they have enough people for one layer.

Funny how it’s gone from…

“An authentic vanilla experience”


“Find me a single exploit in layering now!!!”

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You read wrong.

Ion is quoted as saying that it will be gradually removed in the first few weeks. Scaremongers interpret questions about World Bosses being unaffected by layering as “All of Phase 1”, because it suits their false narrative.


It is gonna be present throughout phase 1 though. It just may go away quicker depending on the population. And just as well, they plan to increase the player cap per layer over the given initial weeks. Phase 2 is merely the indication of it being gone for good.

It’s called “If I agreed that what Blizzard is doing is right, I wouldn’t be the edgiest of edge-lords”.


It’s going to be gone after the first few weeks. Devs laughing and saying “long gone” by the time World Bosses appear, is not the same as “All of phase 1”.

What I meant by that is even if there is not a second layer in the server currently. It can still create that second layer when the conditions are met during phase 1. It will be active throughout, but the conditions to actually meeting them will be more difficult as time goes on.

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You don’t know that, and the Devs have repeatedly said that it won’t.

Technically they could flip the switch to turn on Sharding anytime they want too, because the infrastructure is there, but if they turn off the “Can Layer” switch, it will never layer.

They said in the interviews, that once its gone, we’ll just have queues.

I believe Ion said “never to return”.

We do. It’ll be before phase 2. Phase 2 will likely be release within the first 2-3 months. Many people won’t even be 60 yet.

I’ve heard there’s a cooldown on layer switching to prevent such exploits. And even if there isn’t is layer switching even going to be faster than just running around and gathering resources as you normally would? I doubt layer switching would be good for anything except maybe checking black lotus spawn points.

No, not funny. What’s funny is how it’s mutated from Classic = vannila + modern infrastructure to “they are making changes”

Layering isn’t a change it’s infrastructure.

But, I guess you want to hold layering to all of its version and not the fixed version it launches with.

It is infrastructure that has an affect on the game. But yeah, you are not wrong.

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Guzu is saying hopping layers is really hard now.

Oh sorry he said, “none of that going forward”.

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Yeah, but it can still end up with that single world before phase 2. Phase 2 is just the cut off line.

It’s almost like nobody knew what the alternative was until we got it.


Nah. That couldn’t be it.

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It will probably only be a couple weeks