Gnomish Battle Chicken WTF?

So I grind to craft the Gnomish Battle Chicken and it doesn’t seem to be working?

If you summon it before a boss pull it stands where you summon it and doesn’t move.

If you summon it from a distance once a boss is engaged it stands there and doesn’t move.

If you summon it next to a boss once engaged it seems like it does start attacking the mob but it doesn’t give the Battle Squawk buff.


Sounds like it should be turned into some spicy nuggets. casts fireball


One of those things I’m sure was tested in the very limited beta. All the testers care about was playing streamer events and grinding levels. I did not see one person deep dive into crafting and functionality. Expect further bugs…


Sounds about as useful as Feign Death.


In the beta I ran into this issue and made many tickets about it. Also scaling with eng skill was messed up, all the summons were too low.

Also submitted a bug report about fused wiring not dropping from target dummies, in fact no loot at all. Given the rest of engineering is still apparently broken I wouldn’t be surprised if this is still an issue as well.

Don’t blame us beta testers, Blizzard ignored us completely.


Good to know someone was testing it, I also noticed no streams that were testing engineering stuff during the beta. Well non that I noticed or seen.

I’m completely disappointed with the state of engineering overall as well. The scaling while leveling it up was indeed pretty awkward.


Yeah I feel like Bliz went out of their way to ban players during the beta that were griefing streamers, yet ignored us non-streamers that got in and actually tested things. I don’t know maybe beta really is 100% for shilling and the rest of us are fools for submitting bugs.


Bump to the top,
This trinket needs attention

Haven’t they always?


Bump Bump Bump,

It’s Monday Blizzard, hope an end game item like this is high up on your list of things to fix.

Also Keyrings! When!?

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Any update on this?

Yeah, not like every single streamer leveled engi at least once and crafted every item for the duel tournaments.

but go on…continue to be salty.

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I’m not salty. I was pointing out that the beta was too small to catch much.

Way to necro a nearly month old post tho!

Bump, is this still bugged? Can anyone confirm?

It’s a hit and miss to what I find.

The only way I’ve gotten it to work was to wait for the boss to be engaged then run up into melee range and use it. Then if the chicken starts attacking it’s such a extremely small chance that battle squawk buff works/happens.

Not the way I remember it working that’s for sure.

Is it actually being looked into is the question.

It’s still in the stickied issues list in the bug report forum from August WoW Classic 1.13.2 Known Issues List - 8/27/2019

Maybe it’s something they need a patch for and can’t hotfix?


I leveled engineering recently and the battle chicken just stood there doing nothing. I was looking to see if others had the same issue.

Yep, I spent a bunch of resources leveling up Gnomish engineering, mainly to get the chicken for melee buff, before dropping it and leveling up Goblin. But it was all a waste, because the chicken is broken. I stuck the trinket in the bank and haven’t used it since.

have u tried getting hit by the mob. its like a pet on defensive. it wont help u fight unless you get hit. I heal so i dont get hit, when i summon the chicken it stand there, i then run up to the mob and get hit by its cleave…BOOM chicken goes and attacks in my defense. Not sure what ur situation is all u mentioned is it doesnt move…which is how it should act if your not getting attacked and only attackING.

It works but not well. You have to literally summon it on top of the mob and it can only squeak if it meeles. The squeak itself is pure RNG but the chance seems rather low.

The real use in Classic seems to be to soak abilities like Ragnaros knock-back or Huhuran Wyvern Sting.