Engineering battle chicken

Is it supposed to deal only 1 damage at 60 lvl?

Yeah I was wondering if it was bugged myself… I think it might be

someone said that it starts to deal real damage when enraged and it worked like this back then.

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Yes, it deals 1 damage until it enrages, which lasts 10 seconds, then it deals a lot more damage and it attacks very fast. Also all the engineering pets like the chicken and the dragonlings are based on your own engineering level, so you need 300 engineering for them to be the strongest. It is whatever engineering level you have when you deploy it, so it isn’t fixed to the skill level you had when you actually built it.

The battle chicken is quite strong in both PvP and PvE, it even does alright in raids since it can occasionally proc a 5% attack speed buff to your party.


Iirc the real benefit of the battle chicken is interrupting spell casts.


It’s very good for that because I think it has a 1.0 attack speed or something close to that, but it also will enrage many times during the 1.5 minute lifespan. It hits between 50 and 70 damage per attack when enraged in my experience, so think of it as a periodic DoT for between 500 and 700 damage over 10 seconds during enrage. Definitely not something to ignore in a 1v1. Really nasty for someone to have the chicken and Broken Tooth attacking them at the same time.

The real buff is the battle squawk it’s a 5% haste buff.

Here’s my post on the state of the Battle Chicken.

Here’s a post to the reported issues and that blizzard will fix it next patch apparently

WoW Classic 1.13.2 Known Issues List - 8/27/2019 ](WoW Classic 1.13.2 Known Issues List - 8/27/2019)

Battle Companions such as the Battle Chicken may occasionally become frozen after combat and fail to follow the player.

Hopefully it gets fixed.

Ahh glad to know I’ve been pulling mobs back to my chicken so he attacks them lol.

the chicken only lasts for 1.5 mins not 1 hr 50 mins as advertised

Still bugged, doesnt follow character and doesnt engage if cast on range.

Any news on this?

Still seems bugged.

It’s still bugged. Doesn’t follow and just chills where summoned.

Just a query on the battle chicken level.
Im Eng 300 but the battle chicken level is the same as my character level and just goes up as my char level goes up.
Same for the mechanical dragonlings.
Back in Vanilla the mechanical pet levels were supposed to be Eng level/5 so if you were Eng 300 all your pets were L60.
Also will the mechanical repair kits heal Target Dummies.

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my battle chicken is still standing still instead of following. is anyone else still having this issue?

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Yes chicken and dragon both.

My chicken is also stationary.

Mine is too pls blizz

Any fix for the apparently otherwise stationary battle :chicken:?!

I think that chicken will break a rogue out of stealth also…lol. so its kind of useful
although I have only heard this, I have not used it yet.