Gnolls would make a fair Alliance-counterpart to the Horde's Vulpera allied race

Humor can be covered for alliance easy.

Just have someone steal some beer from a drunken dwarf.

Then hillarity will ensue.

I’d happily play a gnoll even knowing they wouldn’t be a good fit for the Alliance.

Bad dwarf! No brew for you!

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I’m more than happy if they insert that Hordeside. Or hell, now that we can all group together, just make every new AR available to both factions ala dracthyr

Gnolls would be Horde given the lengthy conflicts with humans.

They would basically be the Horde’s Worgen.

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Ya’ll might be interested in my thread…

All i know is, if they keep adding new pairs of races (one for each side) and the horde one is better time and time again, we won’t need to worry about factions because there won’t be any alliance left lol

The fact that they thought the little gnome variants were a good idea just speaks to how out of touch the dev team is, there’s no way in hell they have a single alliance player in the core team or they would have chimed in and been like “Ummm guys, this is going to go over like a lead balloon”.

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Why would they be Horde though?

Well we only killed their champion, Hogger, over and over again.

Gnolls are tribal, and haven’t been united in sometime, Just because the Riverpaw hate us, doesn’t mean all Gnolls hate us. Furthermore, the Forsaken, Blood Elves, and Tauren all have had run ins with Gnolls too, if anything they would be a neutral mercenary like race.

The most natural equivalent for mechagnomes I think would be mechagoblins.

Can’t say I’m really feeling the Alliance allied race suggestions for super off the wall stuff like Arrakoa. I think people vastly, vastly overestimate how popular they’d be. Even an allied race with as much appeal as Dark Iron Dwarves has only managed a 1.6% global population, weirdo races like that are going to be right at the bottom alongside mechagnomes.

Gnolls would honesty be perfect for the Alliance

yea, ew no…

One of my fav movies.


they literally gave us the hordes/most popular race in the game

And the Horde got Night Elves, so why are you people still acting like this matters?

Give the Arakkoa to the Alliance, both uncorrupted and corrupted in one, just give them a hunch option and a bunch of cool customization. No sexual dimorphism as in lore non-arakkoa can not even tell the difference between the genders.
They also have a lot of bad history with orcs and ogres, so it makes sense to join the other side.

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Always unsure what you consider yourself Mags.

Are you Alliance or Horde? Or do you just change perspective by the toon you’re posting on?

alliance. im not like that goblin or you guys who pretend they play horde in any capacity beyond seeing that side of story or making a lvl 10 alt to post on

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