GM: "Don't use *HARDWARE* input broadcasting to multibox, either, if you care about your account."

Can you prove it’s real?

That it can’t be proven either way is the issue. I’d rather just go with what I know is 100% real, a blue post here on the forums

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I can’t, no. Was only curious. I think another evidence that may be compelling is if multi boxers are being suspended or banned for being reported. Are they?

I didn’t mean his specifically I meant any GM message. How could you prove something like that is real? Any image you take can be faked, so it’s safer just to go off what can’t be faked.

The issue with that is, are they being banned just for multiboxing or are they being banned for something else? I’m generally not in the habit of believing anything players say that I can’t find proof for. So when players come to the forums “I got banned and wasn’t doing anything” They always get the side eye :rofl:

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Yeah, same, we should always demand actual proof beyond a player’s claim(s). Imagine if we took players at their words. :smile:

May I ask, do you multi box? If so, why (aside from fun)?

would be a gray area, and honestly it is going to boil down to what does Blizzard consider drivers. I can purchase wireless keyboards and mice with a USB interface and on separate computers have them all recognize one keyboard. Is that keyboard now utilizing software? or is that driver part of the hardware that allows it to function?

I’m an altoholic and I hit the cap :slight_smile:

Now I have 5 accounts and 153 characters :heart:

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Never ceases to amaze me, just how desperately multibotters will defend their unfair, and now against the rules, pay to win advantage.

Make a thread suggesting solutions that would indirectly make multibotting no longer worth the effort: same faces come in screeching no.

Make a thread suggesting that something needs to be done about multibotting: same people screeching.

They never bring solid arguments as to WHY someone who pay for multiple subs, should be given a loot multiplier, just that it’s their right to play the game however they want. Even if it negatively impacts everyone else playing the game.

Saying this word only makes what you’re saying confusing. Is he talking about multiboxers or is he talking about botters who multibox?

There’s no such thing as a loot multiplier, if there were they’d be banned for exploiting.

It’s players right to play the game within the rules set forth by the person (Blizzard) who made the game.


Never flagged a single one of your post. I sent one email asking whether they actually thought having misinformation spread like this is constructive and I guess they don’t care.

And you keep on dinging me so I will respond because guess what I am getting something out of it.

And you really need to learn to read more and assume less.

that isn’t what I said - I said it would be pointless to do and a waste of GM and my time.

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This is an assumption.

Have you ever considered people are objecting to the busy body holier than thou attitude of people like OP, and the amount of incorrect information to boot.

Multiboxing is not against the rules and it really wasn’t all that unfair either. They could do nothing than a party of 5 players couldn’t do and in a lot of cases far far less.


This level of dishonest is over 9000. You asked about a specific type of device and the GM told you that device handles broadcasting via software. There is nothing in a mouse or keyboard that does broadcasting. It is the software that comes with it that does it. I think I have now explained this to you a dozen times.


lol, imagine saying this and not seeing some of the areas with 10+ bots just running around performing the same actions over and over.

I mean it’s a loophole which is still multiboxing, and yes they will ban you if you appear to be multiboxing. Simple as that.

When you say “multiboxing” I assume you mean simultaneous input since multiboxing isn’t against the rules

and simultaneous input isn’t against the rules either as long as you aren’t using software to accomplish it


Never ceases to amaze me, how players like yourself can make a mountain from a mole hill.

You claim unfair advantage, when the playstyle is allowed and open to all. So sad.

You can’t read what the rules are, and claim boxing is bannable when it IS NOT.

Constant attempts (much like our current president of denial) to spread false information/personal opinions as fact.

Solid argument #1: The game maker ALLOWS boxing.

Solid argument #2: Each account can have up to 8 sub-accounts. What reason would there be to have those?

Solid argument #3: Each member of a box team gets loot just like a member of a group of players. Yet your sad, jealous rage can’t accept that. Your inability to box, make a group, or make gold within the allowed rules is not my problem - but it does not make it “unfair”.

Solid argument #4: While a lot of players box to farm, that is not it’s sole purpose. Have we not learned the dangers of stereotyping yet? Not every boxer is out there breaking the rules. Some of us play the game the same as if we were solo.

That said, bots can rot for all I care. And so can anyone that stand still farms an area for hours on end, whether solo, box, or bot. I play and report by the rules, Blizzard’s; not based on some made up “rule”, opinion, or arbitrary feelings on the “issue”.


Insert “old man yells at cloud” picture.

No multiboxers are using additional hardware input, its all software based. Seems like you just shookdown this GM u til he gave you an answer you wanted so you would leave him alone.

You can control 100 accounts without additional hardware so the whole post is kinda pointless.