GM: "Don't use *HARDWARE* input broadcasting to multibox, either, if you care about your account."

bruh, the cheaters are gonna try and obfuscate their motives as much as they can. You won this a long time ago, feeding the trolls wont help. Using hardware to do the same thing that blizzard banned software from doing will soon follow the same fate. May take some time, but obviously, after all these years, Blizz sees that multiboxing is a big problem.

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So you actually can admit the rules as they are now, allow multiboxing and that there is nothing wrong with using hardware to do it.

Except that the hardware has software built into it so it isn’t following the rules, Blizz just needs to clear that up.

the Lord of the Rings movies came out long after the first Warcraft video game.

woah… you realize that the LOTR was a thing WAY WAY before WoW, right?

They already have. There is nothing wrong with using hardware.

The world came into existance in 94. Everything before that? A fairy tale.

Alt tabbing =/= hardware multiboxing or software multiboxing, because there is no key duplication.

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Oh another cherry picker.

you are being disingenuous with that post. You know we are talking about something else. People are using hardware so they don’t have to Alt tab, your response is called a red herring.

nice instant dismissal of a valid point tho. Keep being foolish as you have in every thread about multiboxing tho.

They were specifically asked to clarify what you wanted clarified and they did. It is your fault if you can’t understand what the words - input broadcasting software means.

wait… what!!! Tolkien created the world of LOTR in 1937!

“alt tabbing is multiboxing”
Okay, guess me alt tabbing to respond to a discord message is multiboxing according to you.

impossible. The world came to be in 1994 with the creation of Warcraft.

no, they were not being specific about what I was talking about. Alt Tabbing is not what we are talking about and you know that, you are being a troll.

Just put them on the ignore list, they’ve been that way for years.

Did you even read what I said ?

yes, and I’m dumber for it

Yup, and this entire forum is dumber for it. I award you no points, and may Elune have mercy on your soul.

edit: my post was better regnar

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