GM: "Don't use *HARDWARE* input broadcasting to multibox, either, if you care about your account."

The line GMs interpret the rules. And their interpretation is as far away from input broadcasters’ interpretation that using hardware instead of software to do input broadcasting makes it magically a-OK.

No one is making up rules here. The GM said

“isn’t this device has the same function as third-party input broadcasting software which allows a single keystroke or action to be automatically mirrored to multiple game clients? Isn’t that your purpose to play WoW simultaneously?”

which is a function of rule interpretation not rule fabrication. GMs interpret and enforce policy. If you want to appeal to them on an account action you have to file a ticket the same way I did and

a) convince them that hardware input broadcasting is OK


b) prove to them that you were using hardware input broadcasting only without embedded software (which is impossible when it comes to USB).

Go right ahead, cling to the fact that these offshored / outsourced GMs have poor English. They’re still the ones interpreting the rules.

let’s not - your analogy is horrible and you’re only using it to take away from the fact that two different line GMs gave non-canned answers that indicated that they did not see the difference between hardware and software input broadcasting and that one of them said that I should not use it if I cared about your account.

Youre so blinded by hate it hilarious. Rage on kid.

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Input Broadcasting Software, not software in general

Otherwise everyone is reportable.

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how dare you insult Fifth Element. Consider your scifi card REVOKED.

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And if they interpreted policy against software input broadcasting towards removing automated gameplay to include hardware input broadcasting towards removing automated gameplay they would receive zero reprimand.

“isn’t this device has the same function as third-party input broadcasting software which allows a single keystroke or action to be automatically mirrored to multiple game clients? Isn’t that your purpose to play WoW simultaneously?”

This is not the employee you reprimand, this is an employee you reward. It’s only boxers who are clinging to the laughable idea that if hardware does the literal same thing as software Blizzard is a-OK with it.

And with enough appeals it’d be overturned :man_shrugging:

Because Blizzard said so, as can be verified by an actual Blue post

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you lied and because you lied you got that answer

but they don’t

The GM you were talking to the last time does not understand/speak english well. It is very doubtful his word is valid.

You are wasting GMs time. With the number of real bots running rampant, they appear to be ignoring most of the reports anyway.

You went shopping for an answer. Three of those guys told you the opposite, you ignored them and picked the answer you wanted.


That last isn’t the answer he wants though, so he will ignore it and assume the guy who doesn’t understand/speak english is correct.

If I was a liar my post would not have been unflagged. It’s hilarious that false-flagging and mass-reporting me for trolling is not hate-driven but me drawing out from an actual line GM (the people who see your account appeals) that they see no difference between hardware and software input broadcasting is somehow “hate-filled”.

But then again, I’m being judged by people who think it’s perfectly fine and fair for one person to use up to 39 extra accounts to focus targets or clone abilities so you better believe my conscience is totally clear.


We shall see if this thread remains up in a day or so.

that isn’t what that means - it means the moderator who unflagged it didn’t understand why it was flagged in the first place. I have sent an email to make it clear to them why it was flagged.

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Ive been multiboxing since the beginning of MOP. Followed all Blizzards rules and have never been actioned. Mines clear as well. I dont live up to other peoples fake moral outrage.


I didn’t lie at all.

It’s 2021. Every company is offshoring. This is the world we live in. Your account appeals and mine go to the same person.

Like most low-cost customer care they reached for the canned answers for the first three times. The final one told me, quite reasonably, that if hardware mimicked the function of software then Blizzard’s decision to go after input broadcasting because of automated gameplay would not be stymied just because it was hardware.

And go right ahead and file a ticket of your framing and see if you get the avatar of Metzen to answer you. Get these folks (not forum moderators) who interpret and enforce Blizzard’s rules to tell you clearly Hardware Input Broadcasting is fine.

So you are a multiboxer?

They don’t. Guess what they have more than one person.

Nah, I don’t make tickets on things like this because I know GM’s aren’t correct all the time. That isn’t what I meant when I said I sent an email.

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yeah and a line GM who actually interprets Blizz policy (not forum customer support) believes otherwise. You keep on hardware input broadcasting, if that’s what you choose. There’s more than reason enough to report the ones I see.

This isn’t the Blizz of old. There are no live GMs and it’s all log reading and email templates. As long as enough people tolerate them, costs will continue to be cut. Feel free to try find a GM and post their perfectly worded (non-template) validation of hardware input broadcasting here. Grasping at their broken English to somehow imply that these are not the people who answer tickets and who decide if your account action stays or not is quite piteous.

Oh yeah? And why was it flagged? And how many accounts did you flag it on?

In MoP I’d have ignored you and every other expac until now. You’re no steel-willed colossus of integrity, you’re just someone unwilling to accept that a line GM has clarified that they see no reason why hardware input broadcasting should be allowed if software isn’t.

But why take my word for it? Why don’t you frame a ticket the way you like and get the validation that you want from the people who uphold or reverse account actions?

when did I say I was ? I asked a GM if I can use a specific device to do hardware input multiboxing and when I got a canned response I followed up until I could get an answer from a GM that no, I shouldn’t do it if I cared about my account.

eh even if you know some big noise who can nuke this thread from orbit, go ahead, not scared of your threats and silencing this will do absolutely nothing to change the fact that you know and everyone who’s read this thread knows that at least some line GMs who review account action appeals feel there’s zero difference between hardware input broadcasting and software input broadcasting.

When you send your email to get me banned will you send them email from more than one account? Just for perfect irony y’know.


I got my verification from the actual BLUE POST ON THESE FORUMS. I dont waste ticket times asking questions that have already been answered.
Having said that you and I will never see eye to eye on this. Blizz will decide in the end and we’ll just have to deal with it. Im off to work. Peace

I didn’t flag it at all because I was too late to the party.

you kept saying you didn’t want to risk the account so yes you implied you were a multi boxer so it becomes easy for people on that end just to give you the safe answer even though they don’t know it.

what makes you think the people answering the tickets are the people handling the appeals on this?

I never sent an email to get you banned - that is called an assumption.

Can’t imagine why boxers get such a bad rap :rofl:

that’s entirely in your head. I asked a GM if I could use specific hardware and said that I don’t want to risk my 14 year account. I never lied about anything nor did I imply that I was already a multiboxer.

And what does it matter if I’m a multiboxer or a RPer? If you’re so confident about the rules, go ahead, file a ticket from one of your new accounts asking them if the there’s any issue using the hardware you’re using to input broadcast.

For all your threats and bravado, I have the feeling you won’t because you don’t want to hear a clear no from Blizz that you can’t do it and you’ll ignore contradictory information and accept as valid only that which confirms your position.

What makes you think that they’ll kick your appeal upstairs to some sort of council of the multiboxer sages with Ph.Ds in English? There’s no evidence showing that those are separate in Shadowlands. Try your luck

So what kind of email did you send?

oh please…

I told you I don’t make tickets on this kind of stuff and why.

Aren’t you curious now?

there is no evidence to indicate they get the lowest paid people to handle appeals.

You’re conscience shouldn’t be clear, multiboxing is cheating, its literally pay to win. All multiboxing needs to be banned ASAP.

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The makers of a game define the rules and it is in black and white that multiboxing is NOT cheating and is allowable.

Far too many people in NA seem to want to make their own reality and it is really causing problems and needs to stop.

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