Glyph of the Succubus Fashionista

It’s time to honour our beloved Succubus with the attention she deserves. Not that negative cancel culture. She deserves MUCH better! She’s been wearing the same thing for quite some years now. Time to offer her some change!

Glyph of the Dutiful Succubus;
Gives your Succubus an outfit designed by the Ascended.
Glyph of the Sinful Succubus;
Gives your Succubus an outfit designed by the most fashionable of Venthyr.
Glyph of the honourable Succubus;
Gives yous Succubus an outfit designed by the Prime Outfitter of the Necrolords.
Glyph of the Natural Succubus;
Gives your Succubus an outfit designed by the playful fae of Ardenweald.

And just for some fun;
Glyph of all Hallows Eve;
Gives your Succubus a random Hallows Eve costume to wear, mimicking old enemies and new, like for forsworn, drust, deathwing and so on.

And no, of course these would not be ‘censoring’ her. Though these wouldnt be as revealing as your average ‘Halloween’ costumes you see at college parties, they would be stylefully sexy.


For more Warlock pet customization, I would love to see thematic armour and weapons for the minion squad, with more minions thrown into the mix of course.
/signed and /signed some more

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I just want a incubus. That’s all


Support warlock stables

Support Incubus being added to the game

Support greater armor/weapon customization of our minions


Seeing how this goes, along with an Incubus, it could also add a female Fel/Death/Doom/Wrath Guard.

And if that gets going, a female Voidwalker. lol



Be careful, I recommended putting clothes on her and I got keel hauled.

Come to think of it

None of the N’raqi have boobs.

All the Faceless, K’Thir, and C’Thraxx are male gendered via quest text and dialogue.

None of the Old Gods were she/her gendered either.

Clearly, we need girl version of Faceless, K’Thir, C’Thraxx, Voidwalkers, and Voidlords for when warlock stables happen.

Also note:

  • Wrathguards are Eredar, so girl models exist
  • Felguards are Mo’arg, and it’s another case of boys only

Did you read my OP? This is asking FOR clothes, alluring clothes.

Yeah I said put clothes on her too

To your point though. I think it’d be cool.

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No, you want to outright censor the succubus, not give her just as revealing different styles. You were rightfully called out in you own thread.

This is different, this seems reasonable at least.


I urge you to go back and read the thread. Don’t try to derail this thread.

How? Most of the argument against the removal of sexy succubus is that they are that way according to the myth.

And here you are agreeing with people suggesting things like Honourable Succubus and Natural Succubus.

Proves that you guys actually don’t care about canon & lore.


Threads are published, once they are, they belong to the public.

The public demanded it changed, and it did.

Get over it.

They were killed off by the succubus in lore, won’t happen.

That’s a rumor. The other rumors with them are they’re enslaved, or mortals just lost the spell

Seems like you didn’t read the OP

Nice edit at the end to try and warrant a response, it worked I guess. Proves you are only concern trolling since nothing here goes against “Canon lore”.

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Yes, an Incubus in a male thong.

We want equality, not one sex object turned into another sex object. Incubus can be enticing without having to resort to being naked.

Both. Both. Both is good.