Glyph of the Succubus Fashionista

All this talk about how sexy the succubus is and how she’s going to get censored…we’re forgetting something very important here!

The imp is stone cold naked! :crazy_face:

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Are you kidding me? Honourable succubus? Natural succubus? And it’s not lorebreaking?

Aye that would be great :sunglasses:

Their main form of combat doesn’t involve seduction though, they just give you a felfire bolt to the face.

Glyph of the Servant Succubus

  • Adorns your Succubus with a kawaii maid outfit

They’re just clothes… nothing of her personality or lore changes. I just needed a name for the glyph to describe the clothes.

A man of culture I see.


It’s not in their contract. slaps knee


Go protest at the beach. Maybe then companys will stop makings bikinis and male thongs.

If you want to put clothes on them, you might as well put a proper clothes that respect women.

Giving male players an option of different thongs to pick is borderline Cosby behaviour.

You generally don’t go in combat at the beach…
I’m all for thongs and more skimpy options added, but that’s not what this thread is about.

Did you not read the OP?

Stylish outfits. Like what the venthyr ladies wear. The Ascended also have quite amazing yet somewhat revealing outfits. It doesn’t have to be a thong to be enticing.


So is it skimpy or not? Because the clown panda said it’s still skimpy.

If it isn’t skimpy then it’s lorebreaking.
If it’s a full clothes like Venthyr one you might as well make it the baseline model and scrap the glyph system.

Would it be bikini plate worthy? probably not. But it could still be considered skimpy / enticing.

That dress that drops in AQ, it’s not a thong, but it’s still considered skimpy.
The Bastion renown 60 outfit, the pants is just panties with ribbons. Yet it doesn’t scream skimpy.

What about actual nice looking armor ?
Something that looks good, might look sexy, but it is not just an excuse for armor.


That, pretty much!

Unless you live in Florida. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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i agree with the person saying they want incubus.

i want one for my warlock, too.

i also do want sexy clothes for both the incubus and the sucubus.

as long as they are sexy i am good with it.

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Florida, land of eternal crazy, with their Warchief, the fabled “Florida Man”

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