Gladiator titles are account wide

Looks like it was a bug.

Checked my alt that i have gotten glad on in the past and it doesn’t have the title now.

Mounts are def account wide though.

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i just checked too and I don’t have the title anymore on alts, maybe they hotfixed? on the ptr it was def across all my chars

It’s in the patch notes that it (Gladiator) is account wide from previous arena seasons. Guess no one reads anymore lol

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omg is this r1 gladiator vindi??

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Correct, it clearly says All Gladiator mounts and titles, including those from previous seasons,

It was a patch note I’ve been looking forward to and has been working fine on PTR all along. Must be currently still bugged.


I have heard it was a miscommunication from the dev’s with that post.

Tbh I think it’s better that you have to earn glad every season.

Arena is hard core lacking rewards and a perm glad title would take away one of the few remaining things people play for.


Ya it’s just different from case to case. I’m just saying I know people from MOP who only got 2.2 in MOP that were/are WAY better than some 2.7 players last season

Crisis averted.


That’s a bummer.

I think it is better like that, but I enjoyed rocking my Gladiator title since I am plenty aware I won’t get an other any time soon :stuck_out_tongue:



Its not real gladiator anymore anyway so who cares yolo

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If u could not disrespect my glorified rival mount I’d rlly appreciate it


my bad brother

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he’s still at the mercy of his bosses just like every other job. it’s not like they hired him as game director

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I feel like more people would participate in arenas if the title was account wide. Even if it’s only for a season or two if they wanted the title.

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Yet rbgs have been a dead bracket for years @arleianda people get their perma title(s) and move on.

It should be class based account wide for r1/glad mounts being account wide is fine for collections. Gladiator being season based can give something for people to strive to obtain. I.e r1 or the ability to wear the title.
Tldr: It gives activity to the ladder