Gladiator titles are account wide

So you’re definitely able to wear the Gladiator title on your alts that haven’t achieved it before.

Whew lad.


Hmm weird they’re still not showing for me. Must be bugged


Yeah it’s weird but honestly system was tarnished anyway after the bfa changes.

bad game my conqueror title was account wide on beta

not the case on live

but gladiator ya makes sense haHahaH 11!!1!


weird i can put elite on all my toons too…

That’s horrible :frowning:

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my Farmer title isnt account wide but Gladiator is



I’m hearing they are also perma, buddy of mine who didn’t get it this season but has in the past has it on all his toons right now.

Arena Master has just became a better title than Gladiator…


I haven’t been a gladiator since the first season of Legion and I have it on all my characters.

I’m some washed up dude and now every single character I have, including my 1200-skilled priest is a gladiator :^)

rip i never played 5s cause i couldn’t find 4 friends back in the day


Ya Glad is now meaningless. Arena Master crew where you are


So long as you’ve earned it, who cares what character you wear it on. Imagine hating it, because you don’t have it.

It’s actually the people who have it, that hate it the most.



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yeah, you’re cooked
i haven’t seen one person have it and like it

haven’t taken note of anyone who doesn’t have it and hate it

ur nelf looks like an idiot also


yup, and not rank 1

Honestly seems like they just threw things at the wall when deciding what was account wide and what wasn’t when it comes to PvP.

Gladiator title and mount from 13 years ago on your level 20 alt? Sure thing.

Rated BG title from 10 years ago on any character? No.

Arena Master? Yes. Totally.

Justicar/Conq from 15 years ago? Absolutely not.

Tournament realm title? Yeah.

If they really wanted to implement the account wide Glad mount (and who knows why the title), I think it should have been class-wide at the very most.


yes, quite

Lol, this is amusing. The people who hate it the most, are the ones who got it recently (or again recently) and want to be special snowflakes with a gladiator title.

I got it twice in BC, and again in wrath. Since then, got married, had kids, grew up and only play super casually. It’s nice to be able to wear the title on my characters… and ride the mounts that I once earnt.

But by all means… sparkle snowflakes… sparkle.


You didn’t need to iterate that you were older, I think the verbiage of your post reflected that quite easily.

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weird flex, but ok bro

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