Give Worgen Tails

i don’t need a tail, but i still want one.
a big fluffy tail… with long hair so i can have my barber give me a new type of hair cut just for the tail…

i also ask for the same for female pandaren…

i know i am a warrior and a tail has nothing to do with battle but i don’t care i want a tail…

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We like tails, We want tails, Blizzard should give us tails, and if they don’t then we’ll take the tails away from them.



Balance is extremely important for a melee fighter. Tails are a huge benefit to a warrior.


And has anyone noticed that the only up votes come from Ushi?
What a pathetic thing.


very nice, yeah i wish blizz would handle these guys better imo


So make a thread about that, where you can get attention for this issue. :roll_eyes:
I promise I won’t be pedantic and I’ll enter the thread to say it’s not important or consider it an action that makes it impossible for other problems to be resolved.
Because it won’t be.

Giving Worgen a tail doesn’t stop Blizzard from solving other problems.
Cosmetics are faster and easier to create. And no raid tiers were sacrificed because of racial appearances for warcraft toons.

Night Elves, Taurens, Orcs and Blood Elves have received many customization options. The other races also deserve something to be done more towards them.

I can say that at least in this thread and Keori’s thread (Worgen Customization Mega Thread), they are exposed many things that are desirable by worgen players as available to their toons for better characterization.

Give Worgen Tails :wolf:


Can we stop pretending this isn’t something that doesn’t compound the issue.

PS: I’m allowed to give my opinion here. Threads are not to be echo chambers. Sorry.

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Your opinion that a cosmetic tail makes it impossible to fix other problems will not be resolved here.
So if this is really making you sad, act like other people and bring this issue to their attention in a thread that focuses on this issue, rather than coming here and saying that we should worry about other things that you think are more important.

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Stop twisting my words, I’m sick of people like you always trying to twist peoples words. Read what I actually said like a person. I am not calling to attention another problem. I’m saying this thing would make that problem worse. Knock it off.

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Come on you two knock it off. Dexter brings up a valid point that the clipping of models in wow is an issue and looks rather bad. Should it delay an optional tail? Naw but a tail will show where the animation needs to be changed to avoid the clipping and both sides can be happy then.

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That isn’t the same person as me if that is what you are implying. I always post on this character have for years.

Sorry I will attempt to be less defensive. It’s just hard when people attack me, and not my feedback.

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I did.

Double checked to make sure they weren’t the same account…

I do kinda wonder if perhaps since Ushi hasn’t posted since april if its either a new account for Ushi or one of their friends messing with us on their behalf.

Sure, but you’ll get what you get as a result.

You can always give your opinion, but if you go into a thread dedicated to an idea and directly oppose it you need to be ok with the fact that you’ll have people disagree with you.

En masse.

Which is not a very compelling argument either way.


Hes arguing that a tail shouldn’t be added because of clipping an issue that is all over the damned place. Should we wait for our tails for shoulder pads that actually sit on our shoulders? Shields that actually attach to the backs of Draenei and Blood Elf females?

Thats a ridiculous argument.

If he doesn’t want to support tails he doesn’t have to, but don’t pretend its because of something as minor and inconsequential as clipping. In WoW of all games.

Hes referring to Chespin.


I apologize then, I am just in defensive mode due to the personal attacks versus the attacks on the feedback.


Naught of that mattereth, though.
'Tis not as if they have said anything of late, and if they are unable to so do then they are but wasting theyr time filtering through posts in a thread they likest not.
Pity them.


Pity them I do.

Find I pity Chespin too. To only find entertainment in trolling folk who just want an option…

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This is a limitation of the rendering engine itself, not something that is likely to get fixed anytime soon. There are plenty of calls that the game engine get a long overdue facelift but the amount of work that would need to go into it is likely beyond the scope of anything Activision will authorize for this game, especially with its dwindling revenue.

That being said, the effort involved in providing an optional tail cosmetic for Worgen is well within the design teams capability. The mechanics for it already exist so there’s no reinventing the wheel involved. They just need one designer to create the various models, a UI engineer to add the selector, and then add it all into the renderer just like any other cosmetic. Super easy, barely an inconvenience.

Blizz should be jumping at these inexpensive fast easy ways to make their player base a bit happier. So come on Blizz - Give Worgen Tails!!!

#GiveWorgenTails :wolf:


Yea but you can keep the mana cakes :tired_face:


References are tight