Give us Personal loot

how about it? If you are just going to get rid of GDKP give us personal loot. makes little sense to NOT give it to us.


Never do personal loot.


OP should have his characters deleted.


Banning GDKPs is the first step to personal loot


No its not.

So what happens when I gatekeep someone from my MS>OS run because I can’t run a GDKP anymore? I’ll deny them loot if they perform poorly then they will on this forum crying for personal loot because I don’t reward poor performance.


Theyll join someone elses? Youre not the only raid leader in the game.

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Only if it’s in the form of tokens to exchange for gear.

get bent. I have played with every single loot system and personal loot is the best way to curb all the crying about loot since it is all you and no one can gatekeep it. my getting loot should NOT be dependent on the wills of other players. How about get rid of your OWN characters.


As much as I don’t like personal loot. The anti-gdkp crowd is in the you think you do stage. Once they start seeing nothing but HR runs they’ll be in the you don’t stage.


Go to retail if you like personal loot so much!

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Probably the same thing that happens to most people that make a name for themselves like this by acting like a toddler in a game full of dads that aren’t here for it.

We deal with this level of immaturity EVERY GD NIGHT at bedtime. You think you’re going to teach US a lesson? We’ll turn you into a meme in /2 and roast you until you uninstall.

You are not prepared.

ngl personal loot in SoD would be amazing. One of the biggest problems that have always been a massive part of classic wow is loot systems. A lot will agree and disagree but it is just factual that the original loot systems provided by Blizzard are without a doubt toxic and there’s a reason why they were removed and personal loot was added. People will argue that if you want retail stuff then just play retail. But the difference here is classic wow is more enjoyable than retail for most and we just want better QoL in classic. It makes it a finished-version of WoW that should modernize all the unfinished things in classic

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There is no way personal loot could work in classic, with warriors wearing leather and paladins wearing cloth. Class armor itemizations isn’t as ridged as it is in retail, I’d much rather have the option to only roll on what I actually want to get rather than the game giving me crap randomly.

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GDKPs made up such a dismal portion of raids they won’t have any meaningful impact on regular raiders. Most of the raids I do on my alts just use regular group loot. Occasionally you see master looted runs with MS/OS. +1 and SR runs are rare, and HR runs almost non-existent.

Nobody is going to care about your HR runs, finding a dad group isn’t that hard

go cry more if you dont like GDKP. Oh right you all whined enough to get it banned GG.

Lol personal loot sucks. If you dont want to deal with gate keeping join a guild that doesnt. Its really simple. My raid team does ms> os +1 and performance has nothing to do with who gets loot.


My guild does the same, which works great right up until an upgrade gets DE’d because everyone’s trying to save their rolls for something else.

I usually prefer loot council but its dumb for 10 mans and with everything different with bis in SoD you really cant do loot council even in 40s.

The exception maybe being things like thunderfury.

No, I like the idea of not having to compete with leather, mail, and plate wearers for cloth.