Give us Personal loot

you must play in a literal dogsht trashcan guild! you’d have to pay ME to be in that guild lmfao.

Personal loot does not prevent GDKP.

Personal loot destroys enjoyment of content.

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Personal loots is really good, yes plz give is that option.


Not like you need the whole raid parsing 99th percentile to clear this faceroll content. Pretty sure grey parsers can clear the raid in less than an hour with little effort.

ok and? 10c

Personal loot makes getting drops waaay too easy. People should have to run content a lot to get the best items in the game, and most do.

The stated goal of banning GDKP’s was to prevent erosion of “muh socializations” Nothing erodes “muh socializations” faster than a corrupt loot council. Personal loot fixes both problems of GDKP’s and corrupt loot councils to preserve “muh socializations” in the most efficient manner.


Sure, as long as it’s non-tradeable and at least three out of four items are upgrades.

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Don’t forget the other reason: GDKPs are a huge driver of RMT:

personal loot simply does not belong in vanilla, if they had to change anything, loot distribution with in the games confines is not it.

Banning the use of a system(gdkp) that was never intended and that has shown clear trends of people purchasing gold to participate, is a no brainer. Where do you people even got off acting like a child throwing a tantrum in a supermarket with, “oh you’re not letting me do that, give me this”.

Not even any manners, that’s how bad you sound.

You aren’t prepared bud.

Just a pleasant reminder most people have no idea or care that these forums are here.

Pretty sure most the people the forum have never been to a good gdkp. The gold seller GDKPs don’t count.

GDKP is awful, but yes, bring on personal loot. No reason not to have it.


Personal does solve GDKP and far more efficiently that an automated, abuseable reporting system.

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Your first sentence is your opinion… this is SOD , we have warlocks in metamorphosis form buddy

Your second sentence is almost as dumb… So you’re telling me, blizzard never thought someone would buy items with gold? Like you know the epic BIND ON EQUIP items?

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Yeah copium!

Show me on the doll where the GDKP touched you

That’s what I’m saying and make the loot untradable.
Boom there goes gdkp there goes selling people loot and now attention can be focused elsewhere. But bring on the thoughtless dismissal from the peanut gallery.

This is a seasonal game mode are you really up in arms about people getting gear to quickly when we’re likely going to move on from gnomer by April?