Give us mage tower!

I don’t care if threads about this exist. I’m pissed off that the developers continue to work on cosmetic armor sets, mounts etc but we can’t get a transmog that we have been begging for! I’m willing to buy this Transmog for up to $200. Please sell it to us! I hate the boring bear visuals and it angers me when I see someone else with the Hulk bear.


I feel your pain, well I have hulk bear but I dont have neon cat

Isn’t neon cat from the legion quest line?

Neon bear is quest line, neon cat is mage tower


It’s stupid that they work on a new armor set appearance for us every expansion but not transmogs for shape shifting. We spend 99% of our time in a shape shifted form.


I get salty at hunters because every xpac now they get a tome/book to tame a new set of animals. Mechanical in legion, nazmir blood god animals in bfa, and undead beasts in shadowlands. How can druids not get like one form per xpac?


I mean there are other Bearforms…have you farmed all them? As for Visual, he really doesn’t doesn’t have much…Frankly I get bored of him. I personally like the PVP ones better…and slowly farming my way to Red Bear.

But I feel like a change, think I will dust him off and swap to him. At least on my bank alt

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If they bring back the MOP challenge mode armor which I desperately want, they can bring back mage tower skins =)


Then you should’ve gotten it during the year and a half long time period between 7.2 and BfA prepatch. Legion mage tower skins should never return. Petition Blizz to make more challenge mode skins instead, and get those.


Meanwhile they already have like 10 forms for Soul Shape night fae ability, and are most likely working on more for the rest of the expac :joy:

Its really sad- coming from a long time boomy main, I dont think the fat owl form and the shiny blue glyph is enough for an MMORPG where customizability should be a key characteristic. Whats the point of new armors for druids when they cant see them in their forms, and something like the celestial glyph completely distorts it.


Oh yeah I’m complaining as feral but yeah boomkins have it worse. It baffles me that moonkins didnt get new skins with bear and cat forms. Think how cool a corrupted moonkin form would have looked like, or a glowly moonkin form

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Yup! 15 years and no new Moonkin options.

Meanwhile MOBA’s have different skins per toon…at this point there is more customizability in MOBA’s than there is in WoW.


I am going to get hate for this but I have played Wow on and off since it came out I have a full time job and make money. I would gladly play money for Druid skins if they ever did that. So that they make money for their work and are incentived to make more. I play this game more than enough to give them additional money.


I would too! If there are store mounts/pets/other forms of cosmetics- I wouldn’t see the problem of having druid skins in there as well.

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Everyone should enjoy their druids to the max. Our job of running and jumping around being happy (and of course killing) is much more fun with some fresh kicks.

I have the MT cat and bear, but feel bad sometimes wearing them since at least one druid I pass will wish they had it and can never have it. That is pretty uncool actually, and I really wish they would just give a “re-tinted” version (i.e. dark blue or red) to everyone that wants it, or who completes some trivial druid research quest.

Further, I don’t think it should be tied to skill or a challenge when seeking to get the proposed re-tinted skins. Now, for future challenges, bring it on. We should always have a new skin available from challenge, and then opened up for re-tinting next xpac or so.


I feel so bad for new players. I was in werebear form in a Battleground and get like 3 whispers from new players asking how to unlock it. An elitist would think, wow, I am a special snowflake and can brag that I have it. I just felt bad I could not help them get the form and had to give them the bad news.

Why should new players miss out on cosmetics. I have had the form for 4 years now its been “exclusive” long enough.


There’s nothing wrong with adding exclusive/prestigious items in the game, and leaving them that way.

I had this guy during Legion, and I hit max level, but never got the Druid skin (got my Sin Rogue, Prot Pally, and Fury Warrior).

I want it, oh so bad. But at the same time I understand that it was an exclusive thing, and I can appreciate it from a distance when I see another Druid using the Werebear form.


Do you also get angry when you don’t get a gladiator title, gladiator mount, legacy title, etc? It’s the same thing. It’s gone, it’s in the past. Get over it.


I, too, grieve every day that I didn’t play during Legion.

I’ve completely given up hope on Blizzard releasing it, because they’ve made them valuable by making them time limited and exclusive to some lucky players. Unfortunately, this is just one of the main ways Blizzard gives value to their content, particularly desirable cosmetics.

I don’t agree with it, but it feels unlikely to change given their design choices.


I agree and disagree. I bet at some far far point in the future when the player-base is low enough and they have to cancel the subscription fee for WoW for people to play they will re-add cosmetics for cash. I could be wrong though.

I would rather have a sweet cosmetic shop for real money than a 15 dollar subscription fee. I don’t really do raiding or endgame stuff though.