Give us beefy Drakonid Melee!

Warrior, monk, rogue, shammy in chonky beefy dragon person format please.


Yeah for Draconids race.
Only in the main colors of the flights of course.

Join our cause!!

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I was originally on that train, but after spending so much time around the way better looking other dragonfolk, I’m happy to let Drakthyr stay evoker only if it means we also get Drakonids.

This way, the “ranged never gets anything” crowd can keep their win.


I believe Blizz said in one interview Dracthyr might stay as one class only.
And they’d add another Dragon race for the other classes

I was just thinking last night how good those models looked.

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I think it’s way easier for Blizzard to give us other classes for Dracthyr than making a whole new playable race. The fighting animations and voices are already there.

I wouldn’t get my hopes up, personally.

They’d be doing mostly new animations for Drakthyr to get the melee classes in, and there’s already melee combat animations for the NPC Drakonids, so maybe it wouldn’t be much of a difference.

Definitely never hope Blizz gets anything right, but at least this isn’t a thread about DR or WQs!

Dracthyr don’t need more classes. Anyone that isn’t an Evoker is just a failure. Why play as a failure? They were designed from the outset to suit a very narrow, specific fantasy. They fulfill that fantasy. To expand their selection would be to contort them into roles for which they were never conceptually intended and thereby dilute the fantasy.

Playable Drakonids are the solution.

Leave Dracthyr alone.

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I mean, orcs should never be preists due to the same fantasy, or Tauren Rouges. Yet here we are.

Not to mention DF’s story has SEVERAL Dracthyr choosing to be anything under the sun, other then Evokers.

Let Dracthyr be Dracthyr.

Give us Drakonid to fulfill the flipside.