Give Survival lacerate back in DF

It’s simple, really.
A spec specific dot that’s survival’s own tool,
something akin to

(Requires melee weapon)
15 Focus
GCD cd
Melee Range (+3 w/ Lunge)
Viciously lacerate your target, inflicting immediate (~55% ap calcs)damage and causing the target to bleed for (140% ap dmg calcs) over 16 seconds.
Every time lacerate does periodic damage over time, there is a 10%(+slow scaling mastery value) chance to reset the cooldown on Kill Shot, and make it useable on any target, regardless of health.

then you can modify abilities like making butchery also spread lacerate to every target hit instead of reducing cdr on wfb, or have an empowered bloodseeker, causing your pet every 20s or so to also apply lacerate in addition to bloodseeker, or have wfi blue bomb spread/apply it like serpent sting if you want
there’s just so much potential for having a dot based bleed interactions for survival

please consider adding it in, blizzard


well have enough buttons in df, im ok with not having it.

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rotational abilities
raptor strike/mb
kill command
maybe ss
flanking strike maybe

that’s too much for you?

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Plus explosive shot and fury of the eagle,

TBH i don’t see what lacerate could add that ss doesn’t already fill and with the cds and interactions from ca the rotation is already gonna feel really hectic as it is, adding another maintenance dot on top of that seems a bit much no?

I mean has any whos actually played the new sv with everything been saying we need another gcd maintenance dot?

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that’s the beauty of the talent trees
you wouldn’t really have to take it
just like i won’t be taking fote or explosive shot, or ss
mostly fote though
bury back in legion where it belongs

anyways ill level with you
i just want flayed shot back


Yeah, if any hunter is gonna get flayed it should be sv, i’d even want it in place of fury of the eagle or just have fury apply a dot that works like flayed.

that was the intent behind the post, honestly
a twofold strike
mask flayed shot as a melee bleed that survival has traditionally had, and add in kill shot functionality, then tie it to mastery to value it more
and then, as a bonus, make butchery spread it as a choice node with frenzied strikes to synergize with coordinated assault (gash) by having KS more available

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Anyone know why Flayed Shot wasn’t brought back? Was it not popular in pve or sumthing? Its by far the most surv flavored ability.

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Not just for hunter but I do wonder what is the thought process behind selecting which covenant ability gets brought over to the class talent tree. If anyone told me that death chakrams would have been the choice I would not have believed you (though I guess in hindsight the night fae one and the Kyrian ability would be to strong to bring over)

because there aren’t class specific devs anymore, and the guy that did the surv tree likely never played survival

Since Serpent sting is no longer baseline for SV, I wouldn’t mind getting lacerate back. That being said maybe Blizz sees lacerate as “button bloat” and that is why we don’t have it.

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if someone told me death chakrams would make it to hunters i honestly would’ve been like ‘oh you mean as a choice node for survival between it and flayed shot, right?’
i can’t fathom why someone would think survival wouldn’t like to have access to either
but death chaks still seem to have the problem of being extremely lackluster for a 45s CD unless they’re gonna get scaled to hit really hard
the only reason it ever saw use was due to the covenant leggo or diehard necrolord simps

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Thought I saw somewhere they said each spec would have a dedicated dev. Could be wrong.

evidence of the classes seems to point otherwise, at least in survival’s case

Would like to have another melee ability. Since BfA SV has moved further into range attacks and having less melee attacks. The point for the remake was to separate its identity from MM/BM, yet Blizzard has just taken an ability from one of the range specs than gave it to SV with each revamp.

Dear lord I would hope, assume that each spec would have its own dedicated Dev. Or if you are just going to have one dev per class then that dev would know the ins and out of every spec for that class.

We already gotta spread ss on multitarged. Either make ss spread passively or give lacerate big dmg, but with a cooldown.

Or… Ss spreads from raptor strike with hydras bite and lacerate spreads with carve/butchery. Hm… In my head it actually sounds cool

If it’s required for top performance, you will. Othetwise you will get kiched from any competent group content

you presume i will be running with an optimized group
idk maybe i will take it depending on how trees shake out
i already don’t plan to take ss in most situations, since survival has good amount of tools to spread it in both aoe and st without actually having it, probably can use that point for that instead tbh

Still. Intentionally handcapping yourself on a spec that already has such massive stigma sounds weird.

But then again, I played necrolord the whole xpac…

Lol have you seen my tree suggestions.

+1 for Lacerate and supporting talents for more spec interaction.

When you look at it, in survival, just the survival spec, you have:
Raptor Strike/Mongoose Bite
Kill Command
for core rotation.
(But we all know that we just hit Kill Command and Raptor Strike into eternity…)

Anything that has a 30 second cooldown or more should not be considered part of the core spec rotation. Sadly as much as I love Flanking Strike that includes Flanking Strike lol.

I would love to have a built in way to reduce flanking strike cooldown like BM and MM have for some of their abilities. Flanking Strike is iconic and the most inline ability for SV’s spec fantasy of attacking in tandem with your pet.

In the end Survival is missing that big focus spender that the other two specs have. Lacerate is just the easiest and most logical answer.

I played around with an idea of a new big focus spender.
Devilsaur Bite
50 focus. Always crits. 12 second cooldown reduced per focus spent. Uses the Death from Above animation from Rogues.

Really anything to break up the Raptor Strike and Kill Command riveting game play…