Give More with the Gift of Dragonflight

You used to give game time with a purchase of the base game.

[tinfoil; me thinks subs are slowing down already]


How is playing a game the day it was supposed to be released a bonus ?

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Literally nobody said their wallet screaming in terror or even implied it.

People should able to ask a question on the internet without some 62IQ donut like you responding with your nonsense.


Since you’re level 70 it seems you had no problem

“Exploit early, exploit often” is the real bonus of those who pre-ordered :joy:


They get the game time as long as they claim it before the end of the promotion.


i seem to remember fresh xpack boxes coming with 30 day game time by default back in the days.

did i imagine that?

you still had to set up a subscription to get the initial 30 free days tho, iirc.


Cheers, ty for the response.


If i buy a upgrade (Basic Ed. to heróico Ed.) I can garanted the 30 days?

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I can’t get anyone to play the game.


Don’t you get 30d game time already included in the Heroic edition? Or was that just preorder?

Typical. They always give free stuff to those who aren’t committed, yet don’t care or give anything to the loyal fans.


My friend won’t come back even if I buy it for them. They’re legit done, haven’t logged in for over six years. I tried to talk them into coming back for DF but nope.


It’s amazing how Blizzard cares so little about loyal WoW fans. Those of us who pre-ordered the base or heroic edition received nothing more than being able to play the new class and race in advance and nothing more. and in less than 1 month of launch, they make this offer for those who do not have it. honestly, this is a joke.


Weird incentive but aight.

Wonder if this also works with the recruit a friend stuff?

I always find it hilarious when Blizzard does these promotions to get more people to play and the people already playing complain they don’t get anything.

That is the point of these promotions, to drive more sales.

Look, I get you want to promote your game for the Holidays. But if you really want to score points and not put off your most loyal fans, you should make it so anyone who purchased Dragonflight before January 2, 2023 gets the free month.

EDIT: This would still boost your holiday sales, while also making everyone who pre-purchased the expansion feel really good about their decision to purchase early.


The only thing I know that came with any game time was the base game. None of the expansions in my memory had any included.


i know for a fact the original game box came with 30 days but you had to set up the sub to access the 30 days.

i remember cause i was a kid without CC yet and expected to be able to play 30 days without setting anything up but nope :wink:

was under the impression that it might have been the case for xpacks after but i might very well be wrong.

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