Gift Dragonflight - Receive 30 days game time - Abusable

so you gotta find two friends that are not playing right now for this to be worth it. they gotta collude toegether and go “lets play wow together” while not being a wow player already.

pretty niche scenario.

No they don’t have to play wow. Lol. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. All they have to do is gift the game to someone, there’s nothing that says they too have to play the game.

Have fun yammering about this for the next 3 days I guess, ciao

if they already own wow theyd jsut be buying wow again and then its not worth it? wth lol

i feel like you didnt think this through.

Do you even know what you’re talking about?

No one is harassing you, are you incorrect in your assessment and being spoken to about that, occasionally with an analogous joke. No one is insulting you directly, attacking you.

No, it’s exactly the same. And if only one of us played and did it it would be exactly the same. The point is, All Blizzard wants is more copies sold. They don’t care about the one month sub. And since you can’t redo it without buying DF again, it’s not “abuse”.

Your argument is like if I ran onto the forums and yelled "Guys! If I pay Blizzard 6 months at a time they screw up and only charge me $12.99 a month instead of $14.99!

It’s not abuse, they full well know people will do this to get the free sub time, they don’t care.


I just don’t understand how the abuse comes into play. Please elaborate for me. I mean I buy a copy for $70, you get $15 game time, if i buy another copy for $70, and gift you again you get another $15 game time. I’m out $140 dollars with 2 copies of the expansion, and you get…2 months game time? Where the potential for abuse? I’m not understanding something here. Blizzard is abusing me by having me keep buying multiple retail priced copies of the expansion that i can do nothing with, and you are getting a paltry amount of game time gifted to you that hurts their bottom line in no way shape or form. Please, explain this to me like im five.

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damn trolls

hes either a bad troll or didnt think about this much at all :wink:

either way i think this thread is over lol

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Their argument, if I’m following it, is that the free 30 days is labled as supposed to be a gift when you buy a copy and give it to someone else. But, if you just pay someone else the money they can buy it for you and you get the game time.

The disagreement is coming in the sense that they think this is a huge deal and not something Blizzard expected/does not care about.

sadly he may be this darn dumb.

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Or else he’s a great troll…

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Honestly, I’m undecided because it might be a great troll. They come off as becoming legitimately flustered and upset about people calling out the inaccuracies of what they said. So either they really didn’t think it through and are a kid out of their depth, or they’ve calculated that emotion angle on top of the initial thread, in which case, cool, good on them.


nah a great troll will be funny or underline an actual problem. this achieves none of that heh

Let’s see, a friend pays you to buy the game. You gift this game to them and get 30 days free. Once.

Somehow you do this with another 100 friends. You got 3000 days of game time. That’s about $1500. However, Blizzard got $4999 of the whole deal.

If I were Blizzard, I’d say “Here, have another 30 days, on us”.

Edit: bad math corrected.

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Oh, dang.

He’s playin’ five dimensional checkers.

Hey there OP it seems math isn’t your strong suit so lets go over some basic figures.

A month of game time is $15
Dragonflight is $50 at base cost.
Gifting a friend dragonflight for the game time is a net loss of $35.
This doesn’t count in taxes or what not, so keep that in mind obviously.

That means to get a free month you have to spend more than what the month of game time is worth as defined by blizzard. So if you want to lose more than you gain, by all means “abuse” this to your hearts content! Just know that you’re a moron if you do and you will be laughed at.

Its the person who owns the game who gets the game time. Not the person who buys it.

So if you buy it for a friend, the friend gets the game time.

Even if the math wasnt awful, you still dont get anything from it.


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i heard of a car dealership that gives you a free $500 gift card when you buy a new car. so all you have to do is give your friend $40,000 to buy the car and they can give YOU the gift card. you get a free $500 gift card! it’s the perfect scam!

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