Give Evokers Time Warp

Monthly reminder to give Evokers Time Warp. Too few classes are able to provide the buff, and this is far more fitting to a class that uses time magic. Why do mages even have it? Nothing in the kit deals with time aside from the recent alter time spell.


They’re already mandatory, they don’t need more.

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Noooo I thought they were getting it :sob:. I’m tired of making keys and not getting a group for 1000 years bc I have to wait for a shaman, mage or hunter (and god if they are mm :sob:). Just give it to two more specs it’s not asking for much


Give them soulstones and mana buns too.

Based on what? And who cares about your hall of fame guilds. Ion already said they won’t be building things around the 0.1%.

Yeah, it sucks. I’d be fine with drums if it gave more than a single PI… :dracthyr_lulmao:

But some bosses are way too hard to not have a lust in the group. I’d like more flexibility in my options for lust.

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while im not defending him i will never trust anything ion says. so him saying they wont build things around the .1% to me sounds more like they will than wont. it would be nice though to get drums back to 30% and not the lame version we have

I think they learned hard with the jailer raid being way too hard cause they wanted to build around the .1%. So I’ll stay optimistic.

I mean… I think it would make sense to have a battle ress like, “revert time and bring this body back to life” or something. But I’d rather have time warp.

Not bringing a gecko wizard is going to be the equivalent of saying “we don’t need lust”.

We would all rather have Time Warp. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not against it, but if too few classes bring it I’d rather they also buff drums back.

Yeah, but your punching panda doesn’t use time magic.

Warping space and time has always been the thing about arcane.

Makes sense, If mage have it, why evoker no?

It is related to the bronze flight

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Yeah, tinkering with the fabric of reality with a scientific, rules-of-universe sort of way is how Warcraft mages operate in general. A mage casting a fireball is able to do so because he’s using the arcane to tweak reality to manifest fire.

In that way they’re starkly different from almost any other caster, save for maybe warlocks (which are often mages that have been corrupted).

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They did a horrendous job with that spec then :dracthyr_lulmao: . Delete it and make it a time magic spec.

I don’t disagree that they could do much cooler stuff with the spec fantasy. But my point is just that that’s why they have a few time based spells. Arcane magic is the stuff of titans. It’s what let them shape reality.

I don’t know where this idea came from that MM hunters can’t bloodlust (not saying you do but I’ve been playing MM a bit more and I get asked/assumed that all the time)
And if they don’t want to be the one to bloodlust because of lone wolf tell them to suck it up :partying_face:


The last guy who said that, I knocked him back to last Tuesday! How’s that for time magic!


jk lol