Ghostcrawler Says Forum Critics are Wrong

LOL confirmed. That is a rather annoying bug.

LFG/LFR is a game design approach to try to reduce the churn rate of player, by trying to integrate new ones and letting them experience a slight version of the content with some time constraints, while I do believe that in general that has a community impact and psychological effect (My masters is a bit close to impacts on behavior and learning and game design practices) I believe that they are necessary to keep the game afloat

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And those who haven’t played Classic and want to try it should realize that there is no LFG or LFR so if they wanted to get inherently better at the game they can’t sit idle in Orgrimmar or Stormwind waiting for a queue to pop and play with complete strangers only to forget about them.

You do know why LFD exists?

The Classic model proved that when you leave content control in the hands of players, it will be abused. When guilds control who sees what, people lose out.


LFD / LFR covers dungeons and raids both. The key is accessibiilty to content, which is a staple when you design content to be seen by all.

The Classic model had people sucking up to abusive raid leaders to see content…the term “mats mule” comes to mind, where one is to “serve the guilds” by contributing…but seeing little in the end.

A guild I was in had that mindset, because their raid team was too bone lazy to do their own farming “they only log on to raid so they need mats”.

LFD exists because people got sick of being used.

Remember the days when we had keys?

I had a key to a dungeon the “raid team” wanted to do, I asked ah so I’m coming along, they said no we just need you to come open it up.

I laughed, gquit and logged off.


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but one thing that is obvious with BFA is insufficient testing of Azerite traits before BFA went live. There is no excuse for blizzard not sufficiently testing the power of stacked traits and allowing them to go live and players one shotting in arena because of it. I hope the new traits in 8.1 are sufficiently tested before they go live. Another area Blizzard has no excuse for is the poor class balance and more pruning in BFA. That in itself makes the game extremely unfun. Regardless of the content and features it’s always more fun to do when your class is fun to play. Gearing is horrible as well.


Just because it works doesn’t mean it’s a good addition to the game. Ever think of that?

Because the only MMO’s that still exist are EVE or a WoW clone. They literally copied it from WoW.

Pretty sure the testing was there. IIRC this was brought up in beta a few times. My memory is foggy on it tho, I didn’t play any beta this time to keep the content fresh on launch.

If LFD/LFR was that bad for the game it would have been removed already AND not copied by any ‘WoW-killer’ out there. The fact that even now it is still in the game means that it both works and it is a good addition to the game.

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In other words the sub numbers are down the view of the game is largely negative and you need to at least pretend to listen to the community to maybe slow the bleed.


I get what you saying. It does get a little in danger zone to completely ignore forms because it always been this way. that the way you conveyed the message.

See you probably know sub are going down and how fast. When you say that forums always been this way and do not correlate with what at moment is hot topic with past hot topic being same ones. then you in effect become hubris in nature. That usually never good.

I can see sometimes you do somethings to adjust to a small part. The problem is it never the key problem only a small ones. That is a mistake. Just because it been said over and over does not make it a fallacy. What it make it is a warning flag. when year after year see the same thing posted. That a guy sitting there with biggest state sized flag ever waving your direction. To walk away because oh well it forums hot topic at moment. is what causing your problems in first place. You are in effect being oblivious to the snow ball effect that been going on.

Lets see how classic does without it. After all, that was the exact thing mentioned in JAB’s famous “you think you do, but you don’t” moment.

He probably does listen. The question is, does the Dev team or the budget approval accountants listen?

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Your statement, has literally nothing to do with his statement. You could not in any way get that from what he said. He is talking about them trying to change the way they communicate both internally and externally to the community, a process which he is stating they had begun working on a solution for some months back. They were talking about that prior to the launch of BFA even. Whether or not you believe him is up to you, but that still has nothing to do with the statement you just made.

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My only real beefs with bfa are azerite armor (as gearing progression and as a replacement for artifacts/traits/legendaries/netherlight crucible/tier sets) and the horrific state of professions. Granted, this is a gear-centric game, but on the other hand, seeing as I don’t really raid anymore, the first one isnt that big of an issue for me. But professions … oy vey.

“You think you do, but you don’t” was very clearly a reference to more than just LFD but all of the conveniences and QOL changes made to the game that most modern-WoW players would not want to deal with. The Vanilla audience is not the same as the post-Wrath audience at all. And on that vein, Wrath is when LFD was introduced in the first place, and it’s still heralded as the greatest expansion and did with a certainty reach the highest subscription peak.

It’s all fine and dandy until you realize, these forums ARE NOT the only place to post thoughts and feelings.

Try and look at other forums and see if that statement still sticks.

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They are getting their marching orders from someone. They are fully aware of the issues they aren’t stupid but this is a common theme when the sub numbers are tanking. We see more blue posts and we see a We will attempt to communicate more.

If anything that last post of theirs is merely further confirmation of what I already knew. Heck the amount of sprouts I have been seeing from wow has become glaring.

No they are merely bracing for impact because they know the sub numbers are going to take another hit in 8.1 because the people who waited to see what is being offered will get frustrated and will leave.

Honestly the blues have been shown to hate this community.

Actually LFD was added in BC not wrath, but yeah BC was also a very successful expansion.

Apologies then, it’s been so long that I get the times mixed up. But yes, either way both were exceedingly well-received expansions.

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