Ghostcrawler Says Forum Critics are Wrong

The people who want to play Classic know exactly what they are getting themselves into.

And those who haven’t played Classic and want to try it should realize that there is no LFG or LFR so if they wanted to get inherently better at the game they can’t sit idle in Orgrimmar or Stormwind waiting for a queue to pop and play with complete strangers only to forget about them.

well my picture has stayed consistent and I don’t care about the reviews from youtubers so I don’t see the sky falling as you do. Am I wrong?

If classic has over 1 mil users after 6 months, then I think the “you think you do, but you dont” memes will officially be immortal.


Honestly not sure. The evidence we have access to (friends list, guild activity, forum posts, youtube vids, twitch streams etc.) are all just pieces of the puzzle and open to interpretation at this point.

My interpretation is this expansion is facing a fundamental issue previous versions haven’t had to struggle with. Gameplay is moving backwards and it certainly seems to be an after thot . If priorities don’t change and this trend reverses WoW will suffer greatly for it. That is my prediction.

All in all, BFA is a big disappointment. It doesn’t do much new or different, and combat feels decidedly worse. That means its boring as hell to me.


It’s already a meme because they’re doing exactly the opposite of what they wanted to do originally which was nothing.

Blizzard is really good at looking stupid sometimes. I still like them, I’m sure they’re good people. They just need to be more open-minded about what customer service is.

Excuse me. I don’t need people like you to disparage my opinions about the game when Blizzard already does that quite well. Its not constructive for you to criticize players who come here to give their candid feedback, if Blizzard is smart they would consider ALL feedback valuable - bad or good.


LoL, someone can’t count very well.


Both of you seem to have the impression that I’m making some grand gestures against you individually or that I’m incapable of acknowledging that more than 20 people dislike the game.
My post uses a device called hyperbole. If you ask Google what it means, I’m sure it will define it for you.

Nope. Pointing out how bad you are investigating and estimating. Not personal, its just not your thing sweetie

This is not a difficult concept to grasp.

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Neither is math…

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“Correct” mathematics and hyperbole are rather mutually exclusive in this case, dear.
It’s okay if your high school English teachers never taught you about concepts like hyperbole and exaggeration to make a point, but don’t try to take your poor education out on me.

Don’t assume my nationality or my first language. Pretty offensive of you.

Sorry you made a bad joke and I made a better one. If you don’t know how to equip your sense of humor stop visiting Tumblr, there is a known bug when viewing that site that prevents “sense of humor rank 1 and higher” from activating.

You’re really taking all of this rather personally.
You should just stop replying to me and call it a day.

You should be trying to figure out how many digits you have with those counting skills. You could be missing a few for all you know.

If you can’t understand that I’m using a basic exaggeration to get my point across, I don’t think social interaction is really your thing.
Go home, friendo.

If you think your post was actually a good joke then you need to research humor after you get done figuring out how to count past 20

To be fair we don’t even know what the state of the game really is anymore because proper metrics about the game aren’t even reported. Blizzard made it complicated.

There just isn’t enough communication about certain things. You guys said you were having discussions and going to try making improvements months ago but if you look at the Items and Classes forums, which should be one of the most important feedback forums, the frequency of communication there has not budged in the slightest since Alpha. There has never been this level of apathy with class development and communication of such.


That’s Blizz. Always has been, always will be.

Sorry, but lets be real. We are lucky if a random blue (which is just a CM) actually reads those, much less takes that data to anyone important enough to do something with it. Player input influencing Blizz games is a thing of the past I think.

Could not agree more. Laziest class design they have ever produced.

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Then why are you here, financially supporting them and playing their games? If they value you so little, why give them anything?