Ghostcrawler Says Forum Critics are Wrong

Well unfortunately the game has moved away from its roots in terms of philosophy and what an MMORPG really means and how it is meant to be played. Retail WoW is nothing more than a cash cow at this point.

We can agree to disagree that’s fine. I’m personally looking forward to Classic with a better sense of community and accomplishments within the game.

Ghostcrawler is wrong.

you misspelled irrelevant

Well, he correctly identified the cultural issue at Blizzard which is that devs are the rockstars, not the players. So I guess he’d know better than anyone if that’s how you feel about him.

I believe it was inevitable. As much as I’m looking forward to Classic if WoW hadn’t evolved to adapt to the changing playerbase, and player prefernces, I don’t believe we be here on the forums disscussing the state of the game. There is still enough of the original that I’m having fun although I will be giving Classic a shot when it is released.

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There was a thread awhile back that had snapshots through WoW’s history of the forums showing that GD has never really changed no matter what expansion. Even Wrath, BC, and Vanilla had large amounts of complaint posts.

Not diminishing any of the current ones on BfA or saying they’re wrong, but just that a lot of people don’t remember those past expansions and only focus on the current and assume the sky is falling. When the majority either likes it or is indifferent to it like Greg is saying in that tweet.

People are fondly remembering Legion now, but forget the outrage that followed Legendaries from 7.0 to 7.2. There were multiple threads a day with hundreds of replies with feedback about them.

The forums are a good gauge of activity but not necessarily the “state of the game”. That’s a little more complicated.


Even if the critics on the forums are wrong about the general attitude towards the game, that doesn’t change how you or I feel about it. It’s my opinion that the expansion was released in a flawed state, that azerite, warfronts, island expeditions, professions being gutted, and a lack of flying are terrible issues that are leading to players like myself considering to discontinue our subscriptions.

It’s important to differentiate that what we all have are opinions. The direction the game goes, and its success, is blizzard’s responsibility so even if it’s more of the stuff we don’t tend to like on the forums, they will pursue whatever keeps the cash cow producing the cash. We have our individual options to stop paying for it if we don’t like it.


So there is this batch of ultra casual forum people, some of who I doubt actually play, that sashay in here and try to support this dumpster fire of an expansion just to appear ‘level-headed’.

In the face of actual criticism and when people point out the things gravely wrong with the game, they shake their heads and go ‘but do you have evidence of sub numbers dropping?’. No actual rebuttal, just vacuous filler statements that neither add to discussion and simply attack detractors as doomsday clairvoyants and soothsayers.

It’s sad really, because the detractors are people who actually love wow, but get a bad rap because there’s this club of posters who like to shill just to shill. These are also usually posters who try to be self-important by spamming GD and having a high post count. Furthermore, they also try to shill for the game like the mvps (granted not all mvps shill, here’s to neal, solid mvp worth listening to. metro is also kinda there, after he stopped straight up shilling and actually discussing stuff), with no actual reason other than highlighting their own ‘level-headedness’ that no one gives a damn about.


Comparing the broken promises of class design made to priests and shaman to an evolving legendary drop mechanic? Pretty tone deaf bro.

User reviews being significantly lower across the board on this expansion isnt either tho, right?

Go figure, human nature being expressed on your forums. Humans complain therefore complaint posts exist. Super impressive realization! /goldstar


Actually, thats like an admitted fact at this point. Public apologies for mistakes mid launch kinds shows that.

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I have nothing to comment but I think there might be a bug where clicking on the “first blue post” button brought me to the blue post being quoted rather than the post itself


Exactly. I feel like every time I see someone arguing in favor of the expansion are all the same people and the complaints are always different people.


WoW’s philosophy in terms of game development is not that of Vanilla, TBC, or WotLK anymore. Which saddens me because that era of Blizzard is gone.

Everything post WotLK was nothing more than Blizzard selling themselves short to produce mediocre content and gutting the game to remove any sense of individuality in turn for profit. You cannot play this game at your own pace and be satisfied. This is all of course my opinion so put the pitch forks down.

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MoP still remains one of my favorite expansions.


That’s why it would be nice to see sub numbers again. Or is blizzard to scared to share that anymore? That’s the only reason I could see as to not sharing them. Sure time played is different and money is made in the shop as well now but no matter how much one person plays I’d rather have 50 playing 15 mins a day vs one person who never logs off. One sub no matter how much they play is just one sub.


Even though MoP gave me heartburn at first, it was a good expansion. Not one single era of WoW had as much content as MoP.


No, but all the players I talk to are a good gauge and they aren’t very happy.


Yes, negative posts always outnumber positive. But what if it really is bad and logins are down? Those people who were positive before don’t come to post, they just leave…

The actual answer is logins, and Bliz has that information (we don’t have direct access, but can see our friends lists and make our own conclusions).

For me, I’d like to see more people logging in… that’s my take on BfA.

86%: PC Gamer
8/10: IGN
79%: Metacritic
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7/10 Gamespot

I’m still looking for the horrible reviews.

Wait! I found them:

1/10: Ragequit Weekly
1/5 Stars: Only my Opion is Valid Gamers
2%: I Want Flying Now Feetstompers


With the new forum system and ‘trust’ level, these type of spammy posters who don’t actually play wow but sit here all day shilling are being given added importance. It’s like the wow forums used the excuse of the new and improved forum system of overwatch to try and implicitly push an agenda and highlight these type of shillers. As if the removal of the dislike button wasn’t good enough to make these forums feel artifically like a fun friendly place and erroneously show a good health for the game.

Forums are supposed to be for debate and discussion, not for shilling. But wow and blizzard seem to move away more and more from that path. It feels like a corporate ladder in here with the trust system. It doesn’t feel so bad now, but given time for the trust levels to phase out, there will be true segregation I feel.

At least twitter and reddit will continue to march against what blizzard has become. You can’t buy everything, Blizz.