Get up to 30% on Select Game Services

Get up to 30% on Select Game Services

With the refreshed Recruit A Friend program, it’s a great time to bring your friends and play in the Forbidden Reach when you save on Faction Change bundles, Character Transfer bundles, Name Change, and Race Change services.

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Planning another sale before 10.1?


WOTLK race changes when?


Sight. Just transferred 3 characters a couple of weeks ago. Knew I should’ve waited.


Just bought a race change 2 days ago hopefully a GM can let me have the difference…


nice. That race change toy got me kinda itching to race change some characters.

O boy 30% off what shouldve been free already
: o


Ill wait til after you announce the orc racial changes due to pvp cc changes that have to be coming…

You know business is bad when they do these sales every other month…when they used to be once a year at most


i’ve been having a great time watching them squirm with these sales. i really wonder how bad the expansion sold for them to do this so much and not brag about it like they always have.


GD: Blizzard why won’t you give us some discounted game services pls

Blizzard: does that

GD: lolol failing bisniz gimme another hit of negativity seratonin daddy


I wonder what they say when their favorite Steam game goes on sale.


Probably celebrate it because people like that have zero sense of irony


Good. Now we can have more Horde Blood Elves convert to the superior Alliance Void Elves.

and i JUST bought a character transfer two days ago.

I know there have been situations where Blizzard has been able to help out in the past. However, and this is sorta a big ‘however’, I believe that they refunded the character service so that it could be purchased at the new price. When they do this, the transfer is completely reversed and all progress is lost from the time you completed the transfer originally.

So, definitely ask, but make sure to be aware in case that’s how they’re able to help.

I’ve been in contact with a GM now she mentioned the reversal but didn’t say anything about lost progress. I think it will be ok.

I’m almost positive that the reversal means that they bring back your character the moment before they left the old server. But here’s hoping they’re doing it differently now.

It might not hurt to ask over in the CS forums and maybe a blue there can confirm.

Oh, mine was just a race change not server transfer…

Well, my servers going to completely die now.

Can I have a house yet?

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