Get the New Sapphire Skyblazer Mount with the Purchase of a 6 Month Subscription!

Get the New Sapphire Skyblazer Mount with the Purchase of a 6 Month Subscription!

Soar through the sky on the brilliant Sapphire Skyblazer mount when you add it to your collection. Available now for purchase in-game or from the Blizzard Shop. You can also get this brilliant blue avian mount and the Imp in a Ball toy with the purchase of a 6-month subscription.

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This is excellent Blizzard! Keep’em coming. Freebies and a discounted subscription? Win-win!


Incoming angry replies


I thought this was revealed yesterday. Tis a cool mount though! Just waiting on it to arrive.

Any word on what the orange version will be used for?


Well, here’s a positive one!


Im good. Money better spent on a game I am enjoying. I have been a 6 month subber for the last 5 years. As nice as this mount is its not worth supporting the current game direction. Also a shame that this store mount is better than any of the last years in game mounts. Thanks for letting us know about it though.


And yet you’re still here. I look forward to seeing you with the mount in the near future. No one ever really leaves.


This is a nice mount. I love the fact that it actually lights on the ground. I’m not a fan of the perpetually flying mounts.


when will the 6 month renew players will see it?
in a few days?


so 9.2 confirmed elune and ash’shante?
since this lunar blue bird and the sun bird datamined recolor match up…? so in jaunuary we get the red recolor in the cash shops and february reveals 9.2 ELUNE AND ASH’SHANTE patch
(possible spoiler what if jailer is dating elune which is why tyrande powers got cut off before she could kill sylvanas)

Why does this remind me of a road runner?

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Yea i bought my last 6 month sub about 4.5 months ago.

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i just beg you, please bug test this before releasing further mounts

I bought the 6mth sub and my account got labeled as a “trial” and the mount disappeared from my journal until this morning. was very frustrating trying to raid because I could not access the guild bank

This time I got it, unlike the golden bull that I was also subbed but didn’t :v

Cool, I’ve already unsubbed and uninstalled though 4 months ago.


What a handsome birb.

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Yus! I thought it looked really weird when I was sitting on the ground, but then I realized that it was actually SITTING ON THE GROUND. I’m so used to all the birb mounts stuck “in the air” even when they are on the ground that it just looked really out of place :smiley:

Now, if only there was an orange version to match my xmog :stuck_out_tongue:


This is a cool mount.

To everyone who feels that need to comment about how they won’t support the game or have unsubbed or whatever:

I see you! You are validated!

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Clark can we duel

Hawkstriders, mechanostriders, even Raven Lords and that fel bird…they all run on the ground?