Get the Jade, Bright Foreseer Mount with the Purchase of a 6-Month Subscription

Must not get it!!! but the mount is so cute!

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Gee thanks for screwing over those with active 6 month subs. ALL the other mounts have been delivered on release with an active 6 month sub, except for this one. Now it’s “Players on an existing 6-Month recurring subscription with a future renewal date will receive these items at no additional charge, no later than January 31, 2023.” GGBLIZ

No. :blush:

To be fair, they’re too busy being welded into their homes and starving to care about playing vidja games.

So…you are complaining that you get a free mount because you have to wait a few days?

OK. I suppose there has to be some reason to complain.

Aside from the fact that it’s really quite ugly, but that’s purely a subjective art opinion…

:cat: :heavy_plus_sign::rabbit2:

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Is the pet available in the game yet? I logged in on one of my Wrath Classic characters and there is no pet in the mail, in my bags, or in the pet UI. I got the mount in Retail and the full article makes it sound like both would be out at the same time.

ETA: I found it. There was a quest on the innkeeper in SW and that gave me the pet rabbit.

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Interesting that I have a 6 month that I just started a couple weeks ago, and didn’t get this mount. For those of you mentioning that others should have it if they are on one.

So if I purchased a recurring 6 month sub on January 13th, will I get this mount?

Fix your game instead of plugging new stuff every single week for 100$ and more.

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Add the battle pet to retail!


Sorry, why was that meant to stop people getting angry? It was equally garbage the last 5 times too.

The best mounts should ALWAYS come from playing the game that we already pay - a lot - for.

Real glad that this expansion the keystone master mount is literally a blue piece of poo with legs and horns, though. It’s great. I bet it took the work experience kid like a whole… 2 hours to do! And then all that overtime for the 4 recolours we will see over the next two years.

Thank you I was here looking for how to get it.

Except you can literally get these by playing the game, Your statement has next to nothing to stand on, Yes the KSM one is dissapointing it should of been dragon related like the rest, But it is what it is.

What :rofl:


Paladins still need more movemnt speed… just putting that out there.

Not to sound like a hater, but nobody is getting excited for another ground mount in a flying xpac🙃

Give us the pet too please

You can get them by NOT playing the game, so getting them by playing the game is devalued. “It is what it is” is the dumbest statement people make today; it is what it is because Blizzard made it this way, not because it’s a naturally occurring phenomenon. Blizzard chose to make money at the expense of gameplay.

Mine was available immediately? Did you check?

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