Get the Jade, Bright Foreseer Mount with the Purchase of a 6-Month Subscription

Not everyone that celebrates Lunar New Year resides in China you know? And blizz has been doing this tradition for awhile now


I bet that gets you hopping mad. :rabbit:

Why is a pet Classic only. There isnt even pet battles in classic. There isnt even a pet journal. It’s just an ugly thing that takes up a bag slot.

At least in retail, it’s useful and not just a literal waste of valuable space.

Or did you guys not have 30 minutes to assign this task to a single person, to come up with abilities for this pet to even be a battle pet?

Do you (the people at Blizzard who come up with these stupid decisions) even play WoW bro?


Then you shouldn’t have bought this.


I didn’t think of that.

I only bought the 1 year because I only had 2 months left and my gold was low and tokens didn’t fall to 100k. First time I spent real $ on WoW since tokens became a thing. All my WoD gold dried up.

Ok, that would be kinna awesome if we could hold onto the ears while on the mount. :rofl: :rabbit2:

I think you actually have to buy a subscription. Gametime purchased through bnet balance doesn’t count. I believe they removed the 6 month option during Shadowlands.

Buying a 6 month subscription and immediately canceling it counts too.

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Nah, they sell the mounts separately in the in-game shop too.

Ah, so not like the kind of six month sub premium they’ve done before.

Im sorry but no way im going any kind of promo after you guys simple gave away the one year one for tyreal charger one month is my best.

That doesnt hurt them, at all.

You pay higher sub fees per month if you are monthly vs having a 3/6/12 month subscription.

You are literally getting less, giving them “more money” as a punishment, and also getting no free bonus items.

The only one who loses out with your little protest, is you, and only you.

Also, they didnt give away Tyraels Charger, they made it purchaseable on the Mount Store.

Just like they have done with literally every single other mount gifted as part of the 6/12 month subscriptions, as well as collectors edition upgrades for all expansions.

You got Tyraels Mount for free PLUS a discounted monthly subscription. That was your bonus.

People who buy Tyraels Mount from the store get no bonus. Nothing. They only get the mount.

Not sure what you are even complaining about. Did you think you were some exhalted special person to be forever worshipped by Blizzard because you bought a subscription and got something free out of it?


LOL im not complaning at all i love this game to bits i can’t do another promo because of money issues thats it.But even then i don’t like promos are only about mount and pets i rather have transmogs.

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Unfortunately, not true. That only works for people who are sure they will be playing.

A lot of people have regretted buying a long-term subscription after they stopped playing and most of it went to waste. People are now gunshy about getting suckered in by a mount and end up with 11 months prepaid that is money lost.

Training people to be unwilling to make a commitment based on false promises undelivered means you are actively working to decrease the number of players who will remain subscribed in perpetuity.

Who are the most valuable subscribers to a subscription-based game? Those who pay continuously and never quit. Why are you trying to make the game less profitable by mocking people who are on the fence and trying to prove the “community” is even more toxic than ever?

Weird accusation, but ok.

I simply stated the fact, that switching to a monthly subscription costs more money than going with a 6 month / 12 month subscription.

Blizzard makes more money from monthly subscriptions than 6/12 month subscriptions because of the discounts.

If people sign up for things they don’t use, that’s not my problem nor Blizzard’s problem. That is a problem with the buyer spending frivolously on things.

You should only buy the 6 or 12 month subscription if you know you will be subscribed for the next 6 or 12 months.

Anyone who doesn’t, has personal issues, that they should work out, preferably not via internet forums.

Perhaps a therapist or a financial advisor would be the best person suited for such things. Maybe even an addiction counselor.

If I was out to make the game less profitable, I would be telling everyone to buy year long subscriptions because Blizzard loses money on the discounted monthly price of a sub when you buy the 6/12 month packages.

Blizzard also loses money on the cash shop mounts because if everyone got them for free for doing 6/12 month subscriptions, no one would need to buy the mounts from the cash store because they already got them for free.

But if you buy a 1 year subscription and then quit the game for an entire year 1 week later.

How is that Blizzards problem?

Go with the monthly if you don’t expect to be playing very long, or are not sure.

This isn’t kindergarten. Grown Adults are expected to make their own financial decisions.

Offering bonuses for their most loyal subscribers is not anything villainous by Blizzard.

It only becomes villanous in the eyes of the fool who spends money on things so frivolously.

As the term goes. “A fool and his money, are easily departed.”

For example, I quit after a month or two of both BFA and Shadowlands, so I was hesitant to buy the year bundle. Once I decided I was sticking around, then I got the year sub, so I wouldn’t waste my money, because, uh…uh…i may have paid for six months i didn’t use in BFA.

Looks like a dirt disturber.

There you go.

You came in with information, that you, as a grown adult, could use, to make an educated decision on how you would like to spend your money.

Don’t trust Blizzard? Don’t think you will stick with the game long?

Go month to month.

But for the countless hundreds of thousands of players who continued to stay through the entire expansion, it was not only a savings for the monthly subscription, but also a bunch of free stuff to go with it.

There are people who have been subscribed to wow every month since release day and never unsubscribed. Then there are people who came later and havent unsubbed since then either.

For those people, who know WoW is the game they play, all day every day, nothing comes close, and they will continue playing, regardless of changes/meta/crappy systems or whatever the case?

That’s who the 6/12 subscriptions are for.

Everyone else should always go month to month.

Just because you feel like you got burned by purchasing an entire 6-12 months and ended up quitting the game before using that time, doesn’t mean that Blizzard is wholly out to clean out your pockets.

They have monthly options.

The big subs are just a bonus for people who will be subbed that duration regardless. To give some incentive to their most loyal subscribers.

Anyone else is just a month to month type player and should adjust their spending habits accordingly.

I’m not going to sit and say Blizzard is not aware of the possibility that someone bought a year long subscription, causing them to profit during months that they wiuld otherwise not have, due to them being unsubscribed. Of course theyvare aware of that.

But they didnt remove monthly subscriptions from the game either. So it’s kinda on the buyer to decide if what they are buying is something they can use or not.

God forbid Blizzard put some block on purchasing 6/12 month subscriptions:
“You must have been subscribed for 6/12 months in a row prior already to ourchase this, because you might change your mind, so Blizzard is going to be the big brother that tells you how to spend your money.”

That would pisa a lot of people off, especially Military people, who have to go overseas and cancel their sub. But then come back and want to sign up for all the bonuses to support Blizzard.

Also, a lot of people stay subscribed even while they quit the game. It literally costs as much to go by yourself to see 1 movie with no popcorn no drinks no candy, for an entire month of wow. I literally wipe my butt on more toilet paper every month, than it costs to stay subscribed.

If I quit for a month, I stay subbed, because who knows, they might add some thing like the Slime Cat that I want to just jump on and get while it’s available, but I wont be returning to the game fully at that time.

It’s all just a matter of being a big boy and putting on the big boy britches to spend your allowance on things you want to actually spend it on.

Blizzard isnt here to tell you to do or not do anything. They simply provide multiple options to help you decide for yourself.

But if they ever remove the option to subscribe monthly, and force people into 6/12 month subscriptions, I will be one of the first and last people to sit and complain about it, because that WOULD be a greedy tactic.

So it’s a cabbit?

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