Get the Jade, Bright Foreseer Mount with the Purchase of a 6-Month Subscription

1.) Why is the rabbit made out of water?
Is there some significance to that? I’d much rather he be an actual…rabbit. Like the rat was. SO CUTE!!!

That said, I love the mount. It’s great…just? Why with the water? The tiger was water last year, and the golden idol cow was metal. The pig was stone. I get that there’s something of an elemental theme to these, sometimes, but the ones that actually just look like the animal are so fantastic. Because we already had a water one, I was hoping the rabbit would just be a rabbit. We’ve never had a rabbit mount before, so I wish it was just a rabbit. I’ve been hyping on this mount since last year because I knew we’d have a rabbit coming this time. Sigh. Anyway.

2.) WHY…why on EARTH…did you limit the pet to Classic?
I play Classic. Fine. I’ll have him in Classic, but there is NOTHING to do with pets in Classic. It predates pet battles, so it’s just a little guy who follows you. Would’ve done better to make it available in both. If this was about battle abilities, my gracious. Just go generic bunny abilities and we’d be fine. This was a decision that makes no sense. None.

False. I love the Chinese New Year mounts (there are a few exceptions, but I love the concept and most of the mounts). I have been looking forward to having a bunny mount since last year when I knew Year of the Rabbit was coming.

It flies too. Though, I do think it should have had wings like the others do.

Literally just got mine off the store with blizzard balance payed for by in-game gold, So… yes you can just get it by playing the game.

Try to fly it in dragon isles

I agree!! the pet is the cutest yet & I love rabbits… so sad to find out I have to play “classic” to get it…never!

Yes, I know. But since you can also get them by NOT playing the game, the fact that you can get them by playing the game is diminished.

Mount shows up fine in Retail.

How does Hoplet show up in Wrath Classic? I’ve got no in-game mail yet, nor is it in my Companions frame.

Where else should I be looking, or does it just take longer?

ANy innkeeper in wrath classic with a ! that’s the pet you get it from them


Thank you!

my WotLK classic character was parked at Goldshire Inn but the innkeeper didn’t have the Hoplet quest. had to walk to Stormwind, innkeeper there had it

That’s how Lunar New Year works, element plus zodiac.

2023 is the Water Rabbit, therefore, water rabbit mount, same for the previous LNY mounts.



I really appreciate that.

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You’re welcome ^w^

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Say that three times fast, without Wabbiting it.


Seems like a good deal. My issue is that I seriously doubt, this game will be able to keep my attention for a whole 6 months. The whole rng group loot thing is just bad. If 2 people both roll the same on an item, there’s no rolloff, one person just gets screwed. Tie that with bad rng from the vault and you eventually realize there’s no point in trying when it takes you 10 times the effort it does someone else who got better rng.

They did have a cool feature you don’t lose the promo even if you missed one payment they just glare it out until you make the full payment year i got the promo as a birthday present from my wife or i would have never even gotten it truth told it was worth it for diablo3 alone even if it was just a ok game not awesome or bad just ok i kind of looking forward to diablo 4 but no way am i preorder it and mount won’t get me to pre order i rather wait to get it for cheaper on a xmas sale i have the money to buy it at 90 dollars but i don’t care for the wow promo mount or paying alot of money just because i can i rather pay less later and enjoy it on my own time.For me atleast dragonflght will be replaceing d4 for a alongtime anyways that is how much i love it over d4 it will most likely by my 2nd rpg down the road. If i chang my mind might be my first but i highly doubt it im to much into mmorpg vs hack and slash now sadly.

lmao, so out of touch…

Actually it is, if the end result is people deciding not to subscribe in the future because they subbed over false promises.

The purpose of promotions for 6 or 12 months is NOT to give people who are going to subscribe anyway a bargain. It is to get people who might not continue to subscribe to buy for that bling. Otherwise there would be no reason to offer a premium or a discount.

If you need to make up excuses why this extremely profitable short term profit model is the fault of players who take advantage of it, later regret when the game features they were promised do not materialize, and refuse to buy a long-term subscription again, why? It’s a short-term profit at the expense of the player population long-term, exactly as many years of prepurchases based on hype that never became reality resulted in the game failing to increase sales for this expansion.

Sure, blame victims for being suckered in. That’ll bring in more customers.

You just said that anyone who doesn’t buy those long-term subs has mental issues that require counseling. Are you sure this looks good for blizzard? This is such a clueless bad take that it makes you sound like a Blizzard employee.

It’s all about short term profits. Blizzard gets their money now, gets an earnings spike to report, and players no longer are perpetual subscribers.

I stopped reading your strawman drivel here.

Grow up, and handle your finances, like a big boy.

Use your brain and make decisions for yourself.

Or tell your mommy and/or Daddy to do it for you.

You get no sympathy for being a whiny baby because you spent money and then changed your mind months later.

Get your sh*& together, my guy.

That still doesn’t change the fact that you can get them by playing the game.