Get rid of spell batching & melee leeway

Running a game system on the wrong hardware changed the outcome of the test.

What is important is to duplicate Vanilla wow, and Classic WoW 2019is failing to meet that standard.

You of all people should be in favor of true authentic game play beyond just what a paladin can do.

plz tell that to everyone who says that Reckoning was either patched out in Vanilla or an exploit lol

like this guy lol

Blizzard attempted to do so, but it was never eliminated in Vanilla, that’s why BLIZZARD changes the way Reckoning worked in TBC.

It doesn’t take a genius to work that out.

Seal Twisting says hold my beer

Today a rogue vanished about 3/4 of a sec into my mind blast cast. I proceeded to mind blast him out of stealth because the vanish didn’t go off on the right server tick. I’m not against spell batching, I love simultaneous actions having affects, but it DOES need tweaks. The current batch rate is too slow by about 25-30% imo.

So I have done some tests after observing some very odd non-vanilla behavior with break in damage CC.

The first observation was my own traps not breaking on damage, I then wondered how many shots could I put into a trap before it breaks.

The result was basically the damage was meaningless, and it was a timing thing.

If you trap a target after the first damage abilities land you have just one global to deal as much damage as you can before it breaks.

As a result you can flat delete enemies who’re trapped, blinded, seduced, sheep, gouge, sap etc as long as your group coordinates the damage.

One global is 1500ms, but I suspect the actual number is 1200ms.

Approximately 4 batches before CC breaks.

Because of how burst oriented PvP is, this is game breaking.

Pair this with melee who’re able to also not you from absurd ranges that almost never happened in actual Vanilla, and the game play goes from some of the most interesting and nuanced game play to easily the most boring.

Every great game finds its depth in the nuance and details.

Artificial batching and Leeway kill this depth and nuanced game play.

The melee leeway is only a problem for hunters, and it’s a double edged sword if you think about it. What if a druid shifts out of cat form to cast rejuv on themselves while carrying the flag. It makes them easier to catch up with, and/or land a hamstring on, right?

The spell batching on the other hand doesn’t feel vanilla at all, like it’s tuned too high. I had a 60 hunter (Discoillness on Kel’Thuzad and later Wyrmrest Accord.) So I do know that FD + trap was a pretty easy and commonplace trick, that shouldn’t be hampered by it if the spell-batching was tuned right.

There is a lot more wrong with leeway than just for hunters, it impacts all range classes and nuanced game play that work against dead zone kiting.

Dead zone kiting is possible in Vanilla vs the following classes.

Hunters, Rogues, Warriors.

Because of Leeway it’s not possible to practice this skill based technique in Classic WoW 2019 because melee range is absurd.

He will care once he blows his bubble but dies anyway. Or once he casts DI but dies to something else killing him.

Or once he’s actually out PVPing hard and fake casts 20 times and gets interrupted anyway.

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Yeah, link me one log where you’re seal twisting consistently in any fight.

This happens 100% of the time and i can reproduce consistently.
For example i know when a rogue has built up some combo points and is about to do a finisher so I cast a grenade.
The combat log shows
Me casts grenade
rogue is afflicted by my grenade
rogues eviscerate hits me for 430958349058439085903485034 dmg
me grenade effect dissipates from rogue

If i took a video of it, the evis hits me about 1 second after they get afflicted by the grenade too. Spell batching in vanilla was around 0.2 seconds , it feels like it’s more along the lines of 1-2 seconds now for some reason.

Happens over and over and over.
Same thing with stuns, fears, any cc I apply on any class attacks still hit me after I apply it. If things actually happen in the order the combat log shows they do, it would be fine, but it’s not.


there’s no point yet - it will become standard with Nightfall in phase 3 however broheim :stuck_out_tongue:

You get 1.7 extra swings if you seal twist every other swing
That equals 3.4 with SoR
So seal twisting gives, if rounded up 4 bonus chances to proc nightfall
Now if you’re really pro and some how
Manage to find a way to fit JoCs into your seal twisting
That would be the highest uptime possible for Nightfall
But if you want to be brain dead and not worry about it
Don’t bother seal twisting and just use JoC
JoC gives 7.8 bonus chances to proc nightfall per minute
Seal twisting alone gives 3.4
If you’re a literal god you can get 11.2 chances extra to your procs

Easiest significant boost to nightfall procs is to weave a JoC in:
Swing -> SoC -> judge -> SoR -> Swing
Sometimes the timing judge cooldown will require a short delay.
Medium difficulty is to seal twist between SotC and SoR every other swing.
Max difficulty is to seal twist between SotC and SoR, while weaving a JoC in when possible. I’m not sure you’d be able to keep this rotation up without messing it up.
Weaving in JoC while otherwise leaving up SoR will probably be the best option for maximizing your dps, uptime, and mana efficiency.

Ah, so you’re just memeing again. Yikes.

you really need to learn more about Paladins and what we can do…

no it’s doable now just as it was in Vanilla and during TBC - git gud

All you did was copy/paste and link someone else’s video showing them using other items to fake cast with. That isn’t the issue. The issue is spell batching.

Also, feel free to check my achievos if you’re doubting that someone needs to learn about what pallies can do. This character is from Vanilla and every major thing that could be done was done through the WOTLK expansion.

You’re a troll, plain and simple, and you have no idea what you’re talking about.

There’s at least one in every report thread.

lol achievements from a retail account

but hey, I’ll bite

come join the paladin theory crafting discord and see just how much of a troll I am:

ask the thousands of Paladins already in the discord as well

Vanilla achievements from a retail account* it’s somewhat different.

dated for 10/15/08 the day acheives went live. Meaning they were done in actual vanilla.