Get rid of spell batching & melee leeway

Get rid of spell batching & melee leeway and a world of problems are fixed. As a hunter I can lay a trap, have someone walk over it multiple times and they still won’t be triggered by it. This doesn’t happen all of the time, however frequent enough for it to be a major problem. FD trap is even more inconsistent, old news I know.

While running I can be the same range away from a mage and warrior, a mage can cast cone of cold on me, have it not hit, yet the warrior can hit me freely. That is messed up man. It is impossible to stay in the sweet spot range between where warriors can intercept and melee attack. I can shoot a melee, still be in auto shot range and they can hit me even though I’m 8 yards away. Talk about frustrating, I feel bad for rogues attempting to bleed kite.

For tauren, they can’t land an 8 yard radius war stomp on someone who is 10 yards away but CAN hit them with their melee weapon! That is like being able to strike your opponent with a pencil from three NBA basketball hoop lengths away. Get real.

Reflectors. Say I use a shadow reflector immediately after a warlock death coils, their dc still lands. If a mage uses ice block instead of the reflector it will not. This is probably a different case than batching but if you can please look at this it will be appreciated.

I can deal with a lot of things such as DR’s being tweaked and immediate combat entry after actions like aimed shot (reason stated being if it didn’t then hunters would be able to put down a trap before the shot would land) but the issues stated prior I cannot.

Thank you for reading my post and I plead that one of you find the Pottu heart within to be the voice wherever it matters most in CA. Ignore the risk, take the chance, be the difference. Many will thank you.

I have spoken.


agreed, it all feels so clunky right now

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go play retail?


Spell batching wasn’t a thing in Vanilla. Try again, kiddo. It was implemented to try to mimic that old feel in vanilla. And it was poorly done.

Go play retail actually doesn’t work in this case.



it was technical hardware lag back in the day - spell batching helps recreate that and it’s staying in Classic

TLDR - Vanilla Lag = Classic Spell Batching

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So, what you’re saying is, it didn’t exist…and they’re trying to mimic something that wasn’t actually anything to do with the game.

Got it.

So, as I said, go to retail doesn’t work here. Also, with the 1000s of other changes, go to retail doesn’t work period.

false 10 characters

So they had coded spell batching in Vanilla? It’s a simple yes or no. The answer is no.

Therefore, it doesn’t belong in classic, and it’s 10x more broken than it ever was in vanilla.

Stop being a lazy memer.

but I’m good at being a memer

also the classic wow devs disagree with you - spell batching is here to stay friend

Thank you again for confirming that it was not in Vanilla and it is a change in the coding.

If you’re defending this current implementation you’re either a troll or just so bad at the game we can disregard you either way.

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womp womp is what i hear from threads like these


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That’s not an option dude…

Leeway was a bit of code in Vanilla WoW intended to be 100% undetected by the user of the game.

Leeway’s soul use was to correct for bad internet connections and slow net hardware in order to make playing melee classes possible.

Here in 2019 it’s not a need, we can play melee classes effectively without such game alteration.

ARTIFICIAL spell batching in Classic WoW is not the same, I played Vanilla and it while there are 2 things that still “Batch” in the vanilla way that I have observed Sheep & Sap, the rest of the game is broken because of the artificial batching.

I assure you this is not the game experience mechanically that we had in Vanilla, and that’s all anyone wants.

Spell batching in vanilla worked differently because it was using a REAL 1.12 client with a REAL 1.12 server and a 100% dedicated server that shared no resources with other systems, and had 2004 era high speed business rated high speed internet serving much slower of the era internet connections.

As a result of those of the era things, Vanilla batching while a little amusing at times played a lot more responsively than this game does, and Warriors were not able to CHARGE / INTERCEPT me at 40 yards, nor could they hit me from outside my dead zone…

Here in Classic 2019 things are a mess, it’s broken and Blizzard just needs to give up on both of those broken functions because they’re not working out at all.


but they’re not going to do any of that given the fact that their design intent from the get go for Classic was with Spell Batching in mind


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If they were going to include “Vanilla” spell batching then they should have done exactly that…

This is not how it played man, it’s not even close.

FD trapping without scattershot was nearly 100% reproducible in actual vanilla, but in Classic 2019 its not because this artificial batching that works very different from actual vanilla is not working at all properly.

IMO it’s better to eliminate a failure mode that’s artificial than let it persist in damaging classes that depend on precision play.

Right now, playing a hunter in the way we could in Vanilla just is not possible due to this horrid artificial spell batching.

And every bit as bad is Leeway because in actual vanilla it was a system designed to be invisible to the user, something no one would almost ever detect…

Stuff like deadzone kiting a warrior or deadzone kiting a hunter; not possible in Classic 2019 because LEEWAY breaks that very detail oriented component of game play.

Artificial batching is also causing auto attack to BATCH after a player or ncp breaks trap; I then get hit no joke 50+ yards away when I was simply trapping them because I could not be bothered to fight them.

Dude the game is broken, and the state of quality is both depressing and embarrassing.

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dunno what to tell you my man - we’re gonna have to agree to disagree - spell batching is working quite well for Paladins in all areas and working as the devs intended to replicate Vanilla for us

Maybe they can make some special code specific for Paladin play but dear god man they gotta fix the rest of the game for all the other classes that are getting screwed in a VERY NON-VANILLA way…

This is not how the rest of the game played for the other classes man; I know you love your paladin play and I respect that but overall the game needs to be healthy for it to survive.

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He just doesn’t care because his playstyle is so simple it doesn’t effect him. We can disregard the input of these people as they aren’t properly equipped for the discussion.

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I would have hoped that Theloras of all people could appreciate the importance of nuanced based game play and the micromanagement of the smaller details.

womp womp

this is literally what the devs said Classic would be like - they even had a sticky post about melee leeway saying that it was how it was like to their internal 1.12 reference client as well as a sticky post for spell batching

if you don’t like the way it is performing, then I can’t help you

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