Get Ready for the Battleground Blitz Brawl

Get Ready for the Battleground Blitz Brawl

The Guardians of the Dream content update the week of November 7 brings with it a variety of new content including a new mode of play allowing players to engage in PvP via a new solo queue for an 8v8 player battleground experience.

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Will alliance still be getting 1 or 2 healers vs horde getting 4 every bg and basically impossible for alliance to win?


Awesome post. Lots of good changes so far. As a BG lover I am loving this and this post. PLEASE CONTINUE!


I’m excited to get blood DKs, two of the same non-meta healer, no rogues on my team and people who AFK. I also love that there will be no communication. I really enjoy not having any team work in a team focused game mode.

This will be very balanced and very fun.


I can’t wait for half the team to quit as soon as they lose the first teamfight and tank my rating when this goes live.


Just queue up really late at night when the aussies are awake. I hate playing against aussies from Frostmourne, they’re too good.

My biggest concern is what’s going to happen to 10v10 Rated Battlegrounds as a result of adding Battleground Blitz as a separate rated bracket. A lot of people are saying that Solo Shuffle is part of the reason why there’s a lack of participation in the 2v2 and 3v3 brackets and are worried the same is going to happen for 10v10 Rated Battlegrounds.

I’ve also noticed from the BG Blitz test run that higher rated players are going to use Discord Links to communicate with each other which would put casual players who are not using voice chat at a disadvantage, thus making it even harder for non-voice users to push high rating. If players want to play Battlegrounds with no voice chat, why wouldn’t they just play Random Bgs? If high rated players want to use voice chat and push rating, why wouldn’t they just play 10v10 Rated Battlegrounds? Battleground Blitz as a separate bracket doesn’t seem to offer much and may end up fragmenting the PvP player base even further.

If Battleground Blitz is going to be a separate rated bracket in the future, please give 10v10 Rated Battlegrounds a unique reward every season (be it a Mount, Title, etc.) to incentivize continued participation. Currently, if you earned 2400 in 10v10 Rated Battlegrounds at any point in WoW’s history, there’s no unique reward to earn that can’t be earned in 2v2, 3v3, and Solo Shuffle. Imagine if LFR offered the same exact rewards that Mythic Raiding did. Mythic Raiding participation would plummet so it’s not hard to imagine the same would happen to 10v10 RBGs if Battleground Blitz offered the same rewards. My other suggestion would be to instead of making Battleground Blitz a separate bracket, leave it as an unrated brawl and give players the option to que solo into the 2v2, 3v3, and 10v10 brackets. I strongly feel that this would prevent the PvP community from fragmenting further.

I really hope this feedback is taken into consideration. My friends, the RBG community, and myself love 10v10 Rated Battlegrounds and don’t want to see it neglected and abandoned. Thank you.


Chat can be used for more than calling each other names, fyi.


I’m glad my sub is still going by then. Might have a week to enjoy it.

Not going to renew for what is probably going to be a ‘meh’ patch for PvP players.

Either this mode has to be good, or retail is shelved for me, lol.

Shuffle was plain awful.

Classic is more fun, atm. More emphasis on battlegrounds.

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One thing I noticed was that if BG Blitz comes out as a separate rated bracket, players who are pushing high rating are just gonna share Discord links at the beginning of the match and hop into chat with each other. Which makes BG Blitz even more superfluous because why wouldn’t those players just play a premade 10v10? BG Blitz is just gonna fragment the RBG community.

It’s already very dead, moreso than BfA and any expansions in the past, like Legion.

I would spend hours just looking for groups, for them to disband because we couldn’t fill, etc.

This is basically trying to revive PvP, well, non-arena, battleground PvP. Even so, shuffle is pretty dead too.

I wish PvE (M+) was this dead lol, we’d see some actual, huge changes to WoW.

They generally don’t care when PvP is dead.


And I would very much like to avoid making it more dead than it already is. It’s because there hasn’t any unique rewards or incentives added to RBGs in years. So many simple things that can be done to increase incentive and participation, but instead, time and resources are being poured into this new mode that I can’t see working out well.


But what if instead of getting ready for the battleground blitz brawl

I was to purchase fast food and disguise it as my own cooking?


Oh, we are 100% overdue for some new rewards lol.

The honor grind is basically an invisible thing no one really chases, because it’s overly daunting and the rewards are way to sparse.

And that was Legion, that we got this system? A bit dated now.


Willing to try anything new at this point.

But… isn’t there another way to speed up a match other then the flag carrier debuff, Brutal Assault for CTF maps? Sux trying to get flag to base and getting slower and slower. How about the opposite? Add +10% speed to FC with a cap of 300%, heck that would get the match moving along :slight_smile:

I don’t see Seething Shore mentioned. Is that map not available in this mode?


Im excited for it! I think this is going to be the most popular pvp mode by a wide margin.

I think battle grounds have always been a better PvP experience for me overall and I cant wait to see how well I can do in this format.

It better not be, lol. It’s so random, one player could be on the other side of the map afk, and three nodes spawn near them, away from everyone else. I think it’s actually better to sit on the ship instead of fighting below, while waiting for the next nodes.

It’s ‘fine’ for casual, but idk about in rated PvP.

I want Warsong, Arathi, maybe EoTS (sparingly so knock-back users don’t dominate), Twin Peaks maybe, Battle for Gilneas, and maybe Temple of Kotmogu.

And I’d want Warsong and Arathi like 33% of the time, at least ahaha. Those are the best ones.

Because it’s always been a side game. They aren’t going to make huge overhauls because pet battles died out either.

Wasn’t Arena introduced in TBC?