Get Bonus Trader’s Tender with Dragonflight

Get Bonus Trader’s Tender with Dragonflight

It won’t be long before the new Trading Post feature goes live, and with its arrival, players with Dragonflight will receive Bonus Trader’s Tender.

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I am ready to battle for my battle pass–I mean trading post rewards.


I’m always down for free stuff.


Right on!

Thank you for the added bonus.


How long is “won’t be long”

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This battle pass is going to be sick. I want that datamined warden armor.


so for people like myself that own a bunch of accounts that are all linked and have dragonflight purchased on them. do we get 500 trader’s tender for each account? seems right no?

edit: nvm just read the bottom part ****Bonus Trader’s Tender is granted only once per account.

ouch. seems a bit off. pay for multiple accounts and multiple subs and get reward for 1.

im guessing either the 17th of January or the week after

Dragonflight not selling well huh


Likely the end of january. On the PTR, the Trading Post have a bar to fill for February. So the patch will likely release late in january

so we might get 1k currency when it first opens?

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If I’m not mistaken, we’ll have 2,000 from the first month of this, since there’s also a questline that introduces the feature, which gives another 500 for the first time it’s done.

I think it comes with patch 10.0.5, which I believe releases February 7.

Before or After Lunar Festival week???

Hey hey, this is clearly just one of the checks notes thousands of olive branches they’ve handed out ever that has no metric based intentions behind it. The sky is not falling and you are just a sheeple for watching outrage merchants. /s


Is this 500 on top of the 500 for the first month and 500 for the introduction quest bringing it to 1500?

The rumor mill seems to think it will be January 24th to line up with the Inspiration Catalyst becoming active…And that makes sense to me.


Look if I can’t have ultra high quality Arthas xmog with Frostmourne while doing Dragonflight quests don’t even look at me. Or even look like the Master Chief from HALO!

Cool beans, thanks!