Get Attuned and Face the Overlords of Outland

Wow Community as a whole is not always the nicest, so not surprised. Though I will say I would have liked for the flight form to be available 31Aug, but that expectation was set up by Wowhead…so really their fault for getting peoples hopes up.

I would but… you can’t balance servers to where its 10 to 1 odds

Please read this thread of compiled threads and an appeal to remove the character transfer restriction limiting PvE to PvP transfers. Many of us (over 100+ forum posts) have wished for this to happen back in WOW Vanilla Classic, but now more than ever, by the time phase 2 launches (next Tuesday). Please read this and take action Blizzard developers. It’s a win-win-win to remove this restriction for all of us.

I saw all the people frothing at the mouth after 9.1 came out. TBC is a far better community than Retail.

Late and delayed after having more than months of working on it and more than weeks-post your ‘8hr downtime’. Won’t merge servers or offer transfers for free. My server has 800 raiders bro, I’m out. Please, something has to fcking give

Man if a 90 minute wait was the last straw I don’t know what to say lol

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I’m not even able to enter like 90% of heroics cuz I dont have the rep. I’ll sit out till the attunement part is gone. I’m in no hurry to relive pve stuff from 15 years ago. =)

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