Get Attuned and Face the Overlords of Outland

Get Attuned and Face the Overlords of Outland

Gaining access to Serpentshrine Cavern and The Eye in Tempest Keep requires preparation and a trusty band of heroes at your side. Learn more about facing Lady Vashj and Kael’thas Sunstrider in Burning Crusade Classic.

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White/Black hair void elf pls


Can you guys go out your way to remodel one of the mobs from SSC to be hyper realistic HD and leave everything else with the older textures.

It would be funny


TBC community is a Nightmare.

Ya see the posts of people frothing at the developers because the t5 engineer goggles arn’t out before the raid? lol

Buncha lunatics


Boy it sounds like they REALLY want us to try TBC classic lol :upside_down_face:

I got attuned to Black Temple over a decade ago.

Don’t feel the urge to do it again.


Nice. I guess this confirms the rumors you guys would be removing the attunement requirements were wrong. That was a pretty good guide I thought it was summarised and presented in a manner that’s easy to read.

And you felt the need to share that with everyone why? I killed a mob in the game 16 years ago and don’t feel the urge to again.


What are all these retail posters doing in our hood?

Nevertheless thank you Blizz! Time to go refresh my Vashj PTSD.

Wow community: WAAAA Blizz never talks to us!!!
blue post
Wow community: Complainium Intensifies

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I can’t get attuned because my server is dead help plz

Now is a good time to form an army…

if your server is that dead there is no point since you wont get a group for the raids anyway.

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stop simping. They didnt release the druid flying quest, they didnt release new badge gear, they didnt release the new daily hubs, they’ve done bugger all, i and my entire raiding guild wanted phase 5 3+ weeks ago, we’re still bored and waiting.

In retail BC, this came with Black Temple anyway. Don’t know why everyone expects it now.

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These are the spergs that ruined classic.


Probably because Blizzard simply said it would be in.

I get what you’re saying but it’s different if they literally say a thing and do something different.

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bro, my guild is mediocre to half decent, we are miles away from a sweaty guild, we aren’t spergs, we’re BORED, 5mans are pre-bis content not actual raid content, we had more raid content in phase 1 vanilla, we wanted phase 5 ages ago, because it was warranted, grow up.

Because it’s a museum piece and time gated content for content that’s old seems dumb to some people?

But there is a valid reason. The druids who complete it end up with a pretty powerful idol.
Too powerful for this tier of content, most would argue.

Cool of you guys to do this guide for the new tbc players. Kudos.