Get an Eye on an Even Dozen New Hero Talent Trees

Get an Eye on an Even Dozen New Hero Talent Trees

Hero Talents are a new evergreen form of character progression that will be introduced with the release of The War Within expansion. In this article, we take a closer look at the philosophies around Hero Talents for twelve more trees.

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Ok I guess this makes up for the lackluster 10.1.6 news

Rider of the Apocalypse seems to be living up to the name glad it’s not just a Summon a Horseman CD


Rider of the Apocalypse sounds cool. One of the highlights from torghast was getting the power that made your deathgate summon one of the horsemen. This is like that but even more powerful. And getting the whole squad in our army of the dead! That’s awesome! Strange that the description makes reference to conquest rather than pestilence. Seems like the latter is a pretty logical fit.

Pack Leader sounds awful. Seems like Survival isn’t getting the overhaul it needs and is still a mish mash mess. Certainly not excited to have a hero talent specifically around Coordinated Assault. Why not Spearhead? That cooldown gives you more Kill Commands, which is the basis of the hero tree.

Hellcaller sounds rad. That description for Wither is nasty! I love it!

I have to say, my general impression of hero talents so far is that I am far more fond of the trees that have a keystone that is passive or that replaces an existing ability. If I am already fond of a spec, I don’t want to then take a hero talent tree that fundamentally changes how I play it. I just want the hero talents to enhance what I already love.


omg finally a monk sneak peak. not one but two


Why do DKs get better versions of most things paladins have?


Finally! Shaman get to see one of theirs…


Eww… still pushing Primordial Wave. Well, Farseer seems pretty good for Resto, though.


I really like the Hellcaller Warlock from an Aff POV.
Wither seems like a fun DoT and I love that I know longer have to tab-target my Agony’s I can just spam it on the same mob to “juggle” them around.

But it doesn’t sound like it’ll do a whole lot in easing my M+ experience. Now I’ll actually have two DoTs then need to ramp up.

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The Guardian druid actually looks pretty dang decent. Loving the cat form dps play while retaining 80% bear form armor!! Not to mention some bleeds and magic resistance!

Not to mention healing for percentage of damage for 8 seconds after entering bear form. Sick! Finally an initial burst damage mitigation for every pull!

Literally the only thing missing i really wanted for Guardian was a full aoe moonfire.


Riders looks INSANE. I’ve never been so pumped to try it with Frost DK in TWW.

I’m pretty much decided on my choices. Likely Saguine BDK, Riders Frost.


Im pretty happy with these monk talents.
I cant pick which one i want to take and not in a bad way!


Reaver’s Mark and Reaper’s Mark? I got confused lol.

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So you are effectively confirming DH wont get a 3rd spec for the next 3 expansions? Love getting 66% the class content other classes get.

We should get 3 hero trees. 1 shared then one unique to havoc and one unique to vengence.

At a glance the new tree looks like just another CD to try and line up with our burst window for havoc and some more damage for vengence. Nothing to be excited for.


Not to sound negative. Honest feedback. I am not sure what the purpose of these talent trees are. Is there a philosophy behind them? There is a large disparity between certain trees for certain classes. Some seem to enhance the kit of the class/spec while others just seem like random bits of extra damage or whatever? Some seem tedious and do little more than to add some kind of unneeded bloat or complexity.


The Spellslinger tree is incredible, serious props. My only criticisms are

  1. Force of Will is boring and belongs in the base class/spec tree
  2. Unerring Proficiency could run into the same problems as Snowstorm for frost currently. As in, it’s only a pad talent and isn’t very useful. Please make sure it doesn’t expire too quickly (or at all).
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any chance of using Crimson Deathcharger as well as Acherus Deathcharger for Rider of the Apocalypse?


So they are making Totemic an Enhance thing.

Guess what will never be picked!


Shado-Pan is possibly the blandest hero tree yet (worse than Wildstalker, somehow…) and Conduit looks okay besides the keystone. Seems to confirm Windwalker is keeping Jadefire Stomp though, which is really unfortunate.


DK looks like a banger. Not sure how much I like swapping to cat form while tanking though.


lol Unholy and Frost DK’s gonna be running around mounted fighting all the time at 120% speed in the open world. Wonder how death’s advance is going to work with this. Will it be 70% of 220% move speed or does “normal” speed only mean running.


I know it’s only the Deathcharger and, yes, I know a lot of dungeons don’t allow mounts, but I am hyped for On A Pale Horse. Actual mounted combat in outdoor areas (which some dungeons do have)