Get an Early Look at Hero Talents in The War Within

Vampire themed DK stuff is neat to me. :dracthyr_yay_animated:


These would be better and more impactful if class specializations didn’t exist, which are already insane to balance and maintain.

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Oh also that “raid utility” on the right side of sanlayn is complete garbage. The leech we get is small asf, and it does provide anything meaningful tona group. We dont need movement speed, wellnbecause other classes can provide that eaiser and theirs is better. God, can we start dooming…

What I’m seeing is looking interesting. My main question are the holy armanents something that have to be ran through, or deliberately clicked on in the chaos of melee?

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Same actually lol. I love the mental image of my Ret Paladin, Ashbringer in hand raising it to the sky and summoning Holy weapons into my allies hands so we can all bring holy beatdown on something together lol.

But still, I love the idea.


I think Blizzard go the warrior and shaman stuff mixed up… I don’t want to feel like a elemental slinging caster. I want to physically smash things and make them bleed…


That’s cute, this is about how many total talents I want.

I have to admit, my favorite time as a warrior was during the Gladiator Stance phase of WoD and I’m surprised to not see it here as a hero spec. I see where the idea of things like Mountain Thane come from, but it feels like it’s pulling way too hard from something like an enhancement shaman. My two cents here is that it seems like doubling down on core warrior fantasies would be a better fit for the class instead of tacking something onto the few “thunder” based abilities warriors have had. (And I mean, what fits the mold for a Fury/Prot hybrid more than a Gladiator throwing caution to the wind and slamming fools with a shield, maybe even have some net throwing abilities etc for an improvised weapon arms mix? Not sure where the “Slayer” idea came from tbh)
The concept may have been benched for readability/balance concerns, but if we’re branching out into “mixed” spec ideas those worries seem like an artifact of an older WoW. Would have loved to have seen the sword-and-board concept return, and this was probably it’s best bet. Oh well, maybe SoD will give the idea it’s due…


I fondly remember running resto/boom back in WoTLK, heal and kill, fun times.

inb4 pallies just have a bunch of “hero” talents that increase armor and crit by 2%, reduces cooldown of blessings by 0.5 seconds.


Reads San’layn Death Knight.

Yep. Im glad I Pre-Ordered this expansion.


However, these are not complete visual reworks – your class and spec are still the same at their core, and that will continue to come through.

I love how you guys are trying to put a positive spin on this as if complete reworks of the older classes haven’t been something players have been asking for forever.

I get that these hero talents aren’t aimed at that but neither was the shift from talent tiers to trees in DF. So this begs the question when are we going to get those wholistic reworks that will make the older classes feel as clean and fresh as the more modern ones?

It’s not something you can keep putting off indefinitely in favor of these smaller bandaids.

As a long time mage player I am cautiously optimistic that you haven’t unveiled the mage hero trees yet because boy do we need A LOT of work!


Yeah… I want to use certain pets, but like… They’re just inferior to Clefthoof in 95% of content.


Still don’t like Mountain Thane and Slayer. Still feel like Mountain Thane is too close to Dwarves and would have to be renamed after the expac like covenant abilities. It should be named something relative to Odyn or Thorim instead. Slayer feels more like a Rogue talent.


Yeah :frowning: its alright though. I hopefully will get the racial fantasy of being a sunwalker through Herald of the Sun so im curious about that one.

To bad lightsmith doesnt have some kind of super light beam lol

Just bring back pet specs. No need for a talent for it.


Yup my thoughs exactly. Clefthoof is superior pet to all others and its ugly as sin. Lmao.


Path of the Titans, is that you?


They need to consider adding a quality of life tree to everyone, perhaps at the expense of damage output.

Every class in this game has basically become a less convenient version of druids, and this is especially apparent with the pure dps classes, who often don’t have the mindless self-sustain that was given to warriors, druids, DH, etc. Even classes which are obviously easy to self-sustain, like shadow priest or DK, still only thrive under specific conditions.

The real core problem is how easy the game has become outside of high mythics, but we all remember how popular early cataclysm was, so forcing people to think and group is not a good idea.

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love that blood gets to pick from
San’layn or deathbringer trees