Get an Early Look at Hero Talents in The War Within

Get an Early Look at Hero Talents in The War Within

Hero Talents are a new evergreen form of character progression that will be introduced with the release of The War Within expansion. We take a closer look at the philosophies around Hero Talents and the Mountain Thane, Lightsmith, San’layn, and Chronowarden Hero Talents.

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I want a Hero talent that let’s me customize my pets again.


Hunter should be able to use any pet with talents and have them play how they want just like before. This allows someone to have a favorite lifelong buddy instead of tools.

Sure, exotics might need to be a little different? But just bringing back pet talents I think would solve a lot of problems.


… yikes. I mean, maybe it’ll work? But… idk.


This really looks interesting, though it would have been fun to do a feral/balance build. I know that gives druids far more than most, but I have a soft spot for the crazy hybrid build I leveled in Vanilla with until I was almost level 40.


Definitely appreciate the thematics of it all. San’layn and Mountain Thane are real spot on. Interesting how Mountain Thane kind just turns you into an enhance sham, not that Im complaining. Certainly excited to see how it turns out once we put numbers to it all.

My apprehension with San’layn however is UH PvP. Blood is already near unkillable so its going to be important to balance some of the survival it now shares if someone goes this route.


I see hero talents being the perfect time to bring back ranged to survival hunter and add synergies for arcane and steady shot, please blizzard I beg you…. As someone who really loves playing around w the current talent trees, I think the hero talents are a great opportunity, especially seeing Dark Ranger connected to survival


Awesome stuff. Now show me the Rider of the Apocalypse :wink:


I’d be more excited about this if I had more faith in Blizzard’s ability to balance.

Are you telling me you’re adding 3 heroic talent for every class (2 for DH, 4 for Druid)… that two different specs can go into.

So rather than “just” 39 specs you need to balance… you now have to balance two new ways to play each spec. IE: Slayer Fury cannot be leagues ahead of Mountain Thane Fury, and cannot be behind Slayer Arms?

Who is the one who’s going to manage this balancing nightmare you’re inviting upon yourselves?

On the other hand though… will Prot Colossus be able to have Glad Stance? If so, worth it.


A Lightsmith throwing out literal Holy weapons so their allies can use them is the most badass thing I’ve heard in a while lol.

I hope that some makes it to live lol


Eh as a hpally I think lightsmith sounds whack, I sure hope the avatar or light is better


Actually kind of jealous that i only play ret lol

Reminds me of my photon smith engineer in Guild wars 2, though you dont hand out light weapons, only use them

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At the very least let us put whatever skin we have tamed onto our pets. I have so many really cool tames that are unusable.


Have big concerns about holy armaments as prot. One of prots biggest issues is having to stay in consecration. Doubling down by adding a randomly spawning object that the paladin either needs to move to or rely on another player to pick up just feels like it doubles down on this already tedious design. Please reconsider having the the buff spawning in the world, especially since it goes on two players all the time in the finished tree anyway.


I like the concept here. It feels like the covenant trees but without the annoying conduits that have to be leveled. I also like that you give us options for which utility spell/ability and a damaging one to change up how to play a bit. I’m not so fond of the idea of a new ability that just seems like a proc ability that occurs based off normal rotations, but I’d have to try it. If this is meant to kind of feel like the corruption effects (when looking at DK and seeing vampiric strike proc’ing) it seems cool in concept and might lean less on rotational and parse dependence and more of a bit of fun gameplay.

I was complaining that we don’t get a new spell in this tree but I suppose this is false because we do, but it is more based on proc chance to play into squeezing more damage out of a San’layn DK rotation for example.

For base heroic abilites and choice that I expect you later are expanding on in future patches/expansions it looks good to start. Excited to get into this and try it out.

Well thank you for addressing Blademasters at least. That reasoning was expected to be honest. Still it would have been cool.

Mountain Thane does sound super cool though!

No Master of Harmony I sleep

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So its basically alternate advancement from eq. I remain unimpressed.


This was my thoughts looking at the unholy blood stuff. Now theyre gonna have more dmg and survivability. Oof seems like a balancing nightmare.

I notice you guys wrote that elune druids get a powerful Fury of Elune. Let me just stop you right there. Full Moon is THE boomkin spell everyone loves and wishes would be better. Give it a faster cast time. Slow casts are not viable in todays game. Lessen the aoe dmg of it or something idk. Just make it faster to cast at least! But for the love of God please don’t make balance Druids revolve around fury of Elune. So boring and not iconic. Full Moon is the way :new_moon: