Get an Early Look at Hero Talents for Druid, Hunter, Mage, and Priest

Get an Early Look at Hero Talents for Druid, Hunter, Mage, and Priest

Hero Talents are a new evergreen form of character progression that will be introduced with the release of The War Within expansion. In this article, we take a closer look at the philosophies around Hero Talents and the Keeper of the Grove Druid, Dark Ranger Hunter, Frostfire Mage, and Oracle Priest Hero Talents.

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How does this work, does it give solace to tanks, insight to whom and glory to whom? Do we have to figure out what the buff is and then assign it or will it just automatically give whoever we buff the correct one for them?

Premonition: Divine the future, and gain access to a spell that gives you an advantage against your fate. Replaces Power Infusion. 1 minute cooldown. Instant Cast.

  • Solace: Increases your target’s healing received by 25% for 10 seconds.
  • Insight: Increases your targets magic damage dealt by 10% for 10 seconds.
  • Glory: Increases your target’s physical damage dealt by 10% for 10 seconds.

Also, if we run the talent that makes Power Infusion also apply to ourselves, will this buff also apply to ourselves? (And if so which one?)


Please keep up the next expansion’s teases while we’re waiting for alpha :pray:t3:


I was expecting all three trees for hunter. Dark ranger is a hard pass for me as a BM


Blizzard, Please keep these types of talent trees out of classic… especially the reboot of Cataclysm…


Hero Talents continue to be weird, overly complicated, and/or focused only on theme and thus underwhelming as our only source of power in the next expansion…


Kinda funny.

Instead of making a new Support Spec, they gave Holy and Disc support abilities lol


Considering these are hero talents in the war within, it’s safe to say your precious classic will be left as is :roll_eyes:


What, players like the new talent trees too much? Working to well? So now they need to be messed up?


This almost sounds like synergies from Diablo.

One of the things that has me interested about frost fire mages is the concept that maybe in the future certain enemies would require immunities.

Let’s say you’re a frost mage, but you want to also toss in a few fire spells for enemies that are more frost resistant.

:dragon: :ocean: :dragon: :ocean:


This is just going in the wrong direction entirely.
More layers of complexity layered on. Can we just make natures grace proc every time your eclipse state changes at all and allow new stacks of star lord replace the lowest one. I would trade all of this for that.


Holy/disc playing like old astrologian in xiv is not something I had on my bingo card but you have my interest.


Hard agree. Dark Ranger for BM does not make sense based on the ‘lore’ of beast masters.


Frostfire reminds me of FFXIV Black mage. Not sure about Oracle. Kind of feels like Astrologian from the same game if it’s going to be random.

debating on changing my Blood Elf Hunter to Darkfallen Dark Ranger. At least I’ll have the theme.


You have made an entire role dedicated to “supporting your allies through buffs”. Why are we now trying to drag that into the disc/holy tree. Can we please stop messing with healer trees/classes to buff DPS. Give us buttons to empower ourselves not some shotty uninteresting gameplay where my Raid Leader is now going to assign my spells in order for me to raid. I want to play my character to feel powerful myself, not sit there hitting a button that does nothing for me. Remove PI while we are at it, its the same thing.


That’s what I was thinking. Though I suspect it’ll be smarter, and know which one to buff the player with based on primary damage. But who knows.

Honestly this greatly excites me the more I think about it lol. Assuming it’s not an absolute chore to handle.


It reads to me like you use it and get one of 3 buffs, you have to use said buff on a person and you can choose wrong.

But either way it’s very interesting

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The comment in the article about Blademasters just makes me think of Monks - that seems like the natural fit (especially with the Blademaster aesthetic from WC3 and Samuro from HotS). I mean Windwalk is in the spec name, and SEF isn’t far off from Mirror Image. It would be cool to see a tree between WW/BrM that added the ability to use 2-hand swords and tap into that class fantasy. :smiley:

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Would be great if you released all of the hero talent trees for a class all at once. Really hard to provide feedback on one tree in isolation.


Dark Ranger being BM and MM and Sentinel being MM and Survival is a huge thematic miss.

We hardly see Dark Rangers with pets, or being pet focused. They’ve always been bows and duel wield swords.

Sentinels we always see with their sabers and owls, scoping things out, always been more range styled even if they were more midrange.

I’d really suggest swapping the two around