Get a Slew of Hearthstone Goodies and More with the Purchase of a 6-Month Subscription!

Wait, what? It’s a bot…

Pretty sure forum bots aren’t working on the servers.

How !@#$ng disgusting you’d do this now… LOL


Because of course we expect the community manager to be doing maintenance on the servers and not you know their actually IT department.

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Been banned a few times on the forums yet somehow I’ve made it to trust lvl 3

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“Hey guys, the game is on fire, we’ve no idea how to do maintenance properly anymore, and we’re gonna have to make you wait at least 2 months before the patch that fixes some of the problems but not all can go live but could y’all go ahead and buy some 6 month subs? It’s gonna be a rough quarter to report to shareholders and we need some bandages. Here’s some cards in hearthstone”


these are not standard times, you copium addict.


You know, I always thought it was weird that buying 6 months of game time never gave the same rewards that buying a 6 month sub did. :thinking:

You’re trying to win back the faith of the players and you couldn’t even wait 1 week before releasing a new 6-month reward system?

This basically proves the 9.1.5 patch is not because you learned and have changed, but that it’s what we mostly all thought it to be: a facade to win people back.


MTG Arena must be doing a number on Hearthstone if they have to attach it to WoW subs.


okay doomer

Business does business thing to promote products, more news at 11.

Keep drinkin the haterade.

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Yay goodies!

I mean they’re right.

Blizzard has a habit of promoting cross game with both sub and deluxe editions.

For example: The D3 promotion. Deluxe editions for expansions have some transmogs and pets across games

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Pretty much, it is just like the last time when they added the imp ball to the last 6 month promo mount, and all the doomsayers were acting like it was a ‘new’ promotion and not them just adding something to the one already running one.

In this case, adding hearthstone stuff to the already running skyblazer and imp ball.

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They are correct for an alternate timeline, right now there’s a big fire my dude. They are being charged of sexual harassment in a corporate level, lost 50% of their actual playerbase and have a very bad version of the game, and then there’re people like you who look over all of those things like if it’s just another year. Breaking news then; it’s not.

The copium is palpable.


I wonder if they have a PR person

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The support article is incredibly unclear as to who’s eligible to recieve the Hearthstone extras.
I already have the mount. My 6mo sub renewed on June 25th. Am I going to get anything or not??

ETA I’ve checked Hearthstone and I have no packs, no gift icon on the launcher either, even after restarting it.

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Respectfully: this is not the time for this.

Good will toward Blizzard and WoW is at an all-time low.

You’ve just made some headway, with the news about 9.1.5, and now this?

Promotions like this are not appropriate at this time.

Blizzard needs to re-earn our trust, then do stuff like this.

This post reads as totally out of touch, as if nothing has happened and nothing is wrong.


Oh look, another condescending response from Clark.

You don’t work for Blizzard, stop acting like you do. The only thing you contribute to this forum is nothing but thinly veiled troll responses.

Your gimmick sucks, get a new one.


You’re right I don’t

Never did

I have a different view of WoW, that makes negative results into something a more positive

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They are effectively promoting the new mode of Hearthstone which they literally just announced today. Yes there plenty of things Blizzard has to deal with but they also have to keep the light on/try to market their games.

This us effectively the best/only time to market it.