Gear Not Showing In Item Restoration

I am having some issues with the item restoration when attempting to restore crafted 384 plate bracers through engineering that were disenchanted in the middle of combat when attempting to use the tinker. The page that is supposed to be showing the item I am looking for shows up with a blank page, I am able to see items on other pages just not the one I am looking for. I created a ticket (US88719808) for this however it was resolved with an automated response sending me back to Item Restoration.

I created a follow up ticket (US88729182) as I was unable to reopen my original ticket.

Anyone else running into this issue or have any idea of what I can do to get this item back?

Ticket is the way to go with this - and looks like it may have been recently worked.


The same thing is happening to me - most item restoration pages (but not all of them) are displaying as blank.

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I am getting the same issue, showing me there is 418 items but each page is blank. Submitted ticket, got canned response to try to use the item restore feature. Submitted another ticket. :crossed_fingers:

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