GDKPs banned in SoD. Let's see how it plays out and if good, do the same for Cata. Or personal loot

Why bother having a code of conduct then? It exists for a reason, the reason is to regulate player interactions in game.
If a player feels they were falsely or mistakenly actioned, they can make an appeal and often they get their services reinstated. Why would that be a thing if Blizzard giving 0 f’s and just wantonly banning anyone for any reason is the main rule?
Because it isn’t. They police the code of conduct and other terms of service, and they reserve the right to just ban anyone they feel the need to. Reserving the right does not mean that’s their main m.o., it only means they retain that possibility.

People will run paid carries with loot exclusivity either as part of their deal or by not having any competition until they are clarified as also illegal in the next rules update.
Blizzard should have already added this to their ruleset but they for some unknown reason didn’t.
That’s all there is to it and the entire argument - they should add carry runs to the GDKP rules right now and make it actually specific so people don’t transplant retail carry runs into the game version that has much more rmt velocity than even retail.

You should actually go and read some of the ban threads in Customer Support and then come back here and tell us about how they word things so they can or can’t apply the terms.

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They go by the ToS, code of conduct and exact wording. The wording for this GDKP rule does not include carry runs in any way. In fact is worded specifically to exclude them which is stupid.

It doesn’t say “Carry runs” specifically, no. But it says that any loot received via gold transaction classifies as GDKP for them. (Even if you don’t think it falls under GDKP. It does for them) So at the moment, without any further clarification, it sounds like carry runs THAT HAVE LOOT FUNNEL may be against new SoD P2 ToS.

You can still pay carry, but without any exclusive rights to loot.

We don’t know if that definition will change though. It might. I’m sure more details will come out soon enough.


No, it says that “items exchanged for gold” constitute a GDKP. If you get carried with loot exclusivity either because that’s the run’s rules or because there’s nobody who will roll on the items you want you aren’t directly exchanging items for gold. You are buying a service.
Please work on your reading comprehension. Whatever you think they might have possibly meant or whatever you believe to be what that paragraph means in this case is irrelevant. They track items exchanged for gold. That is all.

Its says they treat GDKP as ANY run where goods are exchanged for gold.

Their definition of GDKP is not just GDKP bidding. Its everything. I’ve told you this many times.


Do you perhaps need help with more difficult words there?
Items awarded in exchange for gold means that you pay directly for the item. Not for the spot, not for the hr.
If you open a trade window with the RL and he puts in an item and you put in 10g that equals GDKP according to those rules.
However if you paid 50g yesterday for a spot today and then get the item master looted to you, well that’s not an exchange for gold. And they do not have the resources or capabilities to track it, especially since they just got even more of their customer service fired.
So yes, paying for a raid spot and getting items funneled to you or paying for a raid spot and getting one trinket ml’d to you are perfectly legal as nowhere during, before or after the run you are directly trading gold for an item.

Just give it time, there will be plenty carry runs with hr’s and they will keep going until one of their extremely competent and well put together devs wakes up from his competent and well put together stupor and adjusts the rules to finally nail carries too.

I think the largest qualm with Personal Loot are the asinine restrictions on trading said loot. Everyone I know has enjoyed Personal Loot, with the sole exception of being incapable of trading a piece of gear because it’s ilvl is higher than what you’re using. For example, I am using a 483 staff on my Evoker. I got a 476 off-hand the other day that my buddy’s warlock would have benefitted from tremendously (his was 424). I couldn’t trade it to him, because I didn’t have an off-hand at all… That is the part of the PL system that is stupid and disliked. Other than that, PL was just fine.


of course it is.
You’re just putting a different spin for it.

Did you give 50 gold? - Yes.
Did you get the item, while no one else had a chance to roll on it - Yes.

You exchanged gold for the rights to the item.
This is how today’s GDKPs work. You exchange gold for an item.

Simple as that. If you can’t get understand it, there is really no point in discussing this further.

You go do that. You gonna get banned. You will come here crying like a little girl that you got banned.

Farewell. Wish you all the best.


Wrong. In a GDKP you exchange gold for an item directly in the trade window. Carry runs do not do this at all.

They are not going to do anything about this. They didn’t do anything about big GDKP hosts living off the gold they sell for over two years now, from TBCC through WotLKC. They do not have the resources and most likely the skills required to do it.

Stop with your pathetic hysterics as well. I do not play SoD and I don’t run GDKP’s in WotLKC either. This quite literally does not affect me except for having a good laugh at how incompetent the classic devs prove to be once again.

Dude. You have a good one. If you think changing 1 word if verbiage makes it okay and not against ToS, go do you.

I keep my fingers cross that anything that has the word “gold” and “loot” even remotely close to each other becomes bannable.

Right now, per the verbiage used for SOD phase 2, this is exactly what it looks like. Trading gold for any exclusive rights to loot is considered to be “GDKP” in the eyes of Blizzard. You may not like their definition of it, but this is how they define it. It’s their game after all.

Have a good one. Go collect money for selling raid spots and granting them exclusive access to DFO or any other item. If you get banned, don’t come back crying.



Wrong. It only singles out receiving items for gold. It does not mention anything about buying reserves or raid spots.
They made a very narrow and explicit definition of what they see as a “GDKP”. You are bending it to make it fit other activities, some of which I am certain you had no idea even existed before yesterday. If those were included they would obviously make a mention, which they didn’t for whatever reason they might have.
Their definition, as written, means that exchanging raid and dungeon items for gold is prohibited. It absolutely doesn’t mean that buying exlusive rights to items that did not yet drop is in any way banned, because you will not be exchanging gold for the items. It’s not a difficult concept, please try to keep up.

DFO is irrelevant for a simple reason: this is for SoD only. WotLKC is not affected, not that I would really care. Again, please try to understand what you’re reading and if that’s not possible ask someone for help.

I do not care about selling carries in any mutation of classic. I don’t think I will be continuing into Cataclysm and since my guild is currently in maintenance mode as we wrapped up hc ICC there is nothing I need the gold for. It simply doesn’t concern me. I have mentioned this many times and you’re still simply too stupid to understand, or maybe it just doesn’t fit whatever you imagined.

I have spent over 2 years from TBCC through WotLKC playing with my friends on Gehennas EU. I saw the same hosts live off the GDKP gold they sell, I know for a fact many, many “world first” guilds swipe their credit cards en masse. Blizzard does absolutely nothing about it. Either they do not want to which I personally do not believe or they simply aren’t able to, which given how incompetent the classic devs are is probably true.

They will not do anything with the carry runs this change will spawn until they finally wake up and add them to the rules like they should have the moment they announced them.

Iron Bar DKP

Organizer Sells Iron bars before raid for a set price. Raiders buy them up.

Organizer uses a spreadsheet to keep track of how many he sold to each person.

People in raid then use iron bars to bid on items. Organizer again keeps track of how many each person spends this way.

At the end of the raid, the iron bars are then split up between the raid. Again the organizer keeps track of how many each person should have.

Organizer sets up shop buying back iron bars for the same set price, using the spreadsheet to determine what amount to buy from each person.

Organizer banks the iron bars and waits to sell them again for the next Iron Bar DKP.

It’s stupid, but there was no direct exchange of gold for raid items, instead it’s iron bars lol. I am assuming their auto detection methods are only looking for raid items being traded for gold.

People will probably not use the above method, but they will find a way lol. Imagine what someone actually motivated to do it will come up with.

You guys arguing how they’ll enforce are dumbfounded. There’s no way to know that in advance without Blizzard telling you, and they won’t. They deliberately leave rules vague so they can selectively enforce. Ultimately, as a player, we’re left in the dark with no explanation of what we can or can’t do until we’re suspended or see others suspended. After which, you just have to figure out why it was done because they still won’t explain it. Blizzard’s “support” will only send you to a giant wall of worthless text, not explain any action done to an account. They are just an all around terrible company.

People switching to items in place of gold might be one solution to Blizzard’s anti GDKP foolishness. They’re going to try a ton of loopholes, just another reason why this isn’t enforceable. Blizzard will either have to A) amend the rule every week to plug new loopholes around it, or B) stupidly suspend/ban most of their playerbase.

This is not unique to blizzard. Live in the gray area and they can do what they want. Almost all gaming companies live in the gray.

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I am absolutely ok with gray area rules as long as warnings are given first. Rules that result straight to bans, perma or otherwise should always be black and white.

Disagree. You will just try to circumvent said rules and find loopholes.

Permanent bans should always be follow a 7 day suspension which is sufficient warning.

It’s simple, don’t cheat, and don’t participate in any kind of raid selling loot. Risk the penalties at your own peril.


If the rule is important enough to issue a ban, it needs to be clear and concise.

It’s the right thing to do and it’s common sense.

If you don’t know exactly what constitutes cheating, because the rules can be stretched to inconceivably long lengths to justify a ban because they are so vague, then no one will ever be safe.

Master loot an item to someone in the guild because they won, then they loan you gold to repair.

“Oh look gold exchanged hands next to an item BAN HIM”


I just outline it. Don’t participate in raids selling loot. That is now cheating in SoD.

Not sure what is unclear to you?

Don’t bot either. If you have to ask what constitutes botting - you are botting.