GDKP ban consequences

The solution is a raid finder. But a good one – not like a retail one where you get a gimped version of the raid with gimped loot.

you stop buying gold and learn to play the game legitimately

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You can upgrade that loot super fast to be way better than what dropped, you can also turn those non-set pieces into tier. It’s not raid finder in a vacuum that works, it’s the supporting systems.

Oh really? I guess I can’t really speak to it since I only tried dragonflight for a month. So long as a system isn’t unequally gimped just because people can find each other to play, it’s fine.

So, nothing.

GDKP is done in SoD.

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The solution is never raid finder, because just like GDKPs, raid finder

So stop trying to make fetch happen

“Gold will essentially become useless and uncirculated”
Agreed on this point 100%. Please send it to my character as I am something of a collector


Debunked, smooth brain take

Points to every pvp item

I’m wondering why they don’t just bank DKP from all versions of the game?

It’s a great decision. Maybe the Zoomer whales will migrate back to Wrath (where hopefully it gets banned too.)

The playerbase will be so much better.

I can’t wait for the backlash of threads from people that’ll be wrongfully banned for this foolishness. On one hand you’ll have people that did it but got banned, which is stupid for Blizzard to do, but on the other hand you’re going to have a ton of people wrongfully hit by Blizzard that didn’t do it in the first place. It’s going to be a complete trainwreck.

Reply of the day :rofl:

The consequence is less RMT and Swipers getting banned.

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nonsensical. It’s not more social to post in LFG, get invited, then no one speaks. And I don’t care about that personal opinion as it does not reflect my vanilla/classic experience. Also, I’m not asking to bring a raid finder to era. SoD is developed around the principle that not everyone has open schedules anymore.

No, this is you making stuff up. The blues specifically mention preserving traditional social and guild structures and that gets in the way of your retail feature. Raid finder does not belong in any iteration of classic whatsoever. If you want raid finder, you can go play retail.

And forming groups manually is obviously more social than raid finder, you literally have to talk to other people to form a group instead of the game automatically doing it for you. I get you’re anti-social and lazy, so maybe classic just isn’t for you.

Raid finder reflects no ones vanilla/classic experience. It does not belong in any version of classic, whether it be era, hardcore, or seasonal.

And because all three versions exist in the same client they cannot increase paladin buff durations for SoD because it would apply to the other versions of classic. Do you honestly think they couldn’t accomplish that but they could add raid finder ONLY to SoD? No, they can’t. So once again, if you want retail systems go play retail

If the point of a GDKP is to get gear…then why wouldn’t you still want to get gear in a group other than a GDKP?

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No, it’s pretty much taken verbatim from the blizzcon announcement in the description of SoD.

I really don’t care if you think playing with the same few people over and over again non-stop is more social than playing with hundreds of different people over the course of a playing session. It’s just dumb to me that you think there should be some competition between these play styles instead of just facilitating both.

SoD needs a group finder, and the population drop off in phase 2 after a couple weeks will explain this.

There is always people alts running …

The game existed before GDKP… gold still has uses … professions still have uses…

However, this is a seasonal server… with no long term outcome… so spend it all on dumb stuff…

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