GD Lounge # Reforged_Insanity :)

Good Afternoon folks

Welcome all! this is the General Discussion Lounge.


-What is the Lounge?

Well, as defined by the first creator of the Lounge back in the old forums.

So if the blues are okay with it, let’s have a social thread to hang out as chums and just talk about whatever. > > Yes, Blues, you can come post too.

-Are there any rules here? What do I have to talk about? This thread follows the same rules as the general forums of WoW but you can be completely off topic here.

That means you don’t need to talk about WoW (b)ut you can do it), you can talk about whatever you want. Blizzard, your life, other video games, tv shows, books you name it.

Just remember to be respectful and nice.

-Do I need something to join the Lounge?

Everyone is welcome here, just post!.

Random Lounge Facts

  • This is the 179th Lounge thread since we started in the old forums!

  • The Lounge threads were officially sanctioned by Ornyx, a blue who used to roam the forums and since then, they have received many blue’s blessings.

  • While we tried “creative names at times” the name “GD Lounge” has always been the official one, with blues sometimes changing the name to it if we tried to stray.


Yay! new thread.



Boo, new thread


In early! So many lounges.

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wooohoo, yes indeed :slight_smile:

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I’m happy to see ya though Mal :slight_smile:

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Some of the older posters might know the history better, but I guess there had been some form of lounge thread for many years. That last one started at the end of 2018 i guess


I’ve been around since the good old days. So many faces come and gone…


I lurked a bit in the early days - was a bit of a scaredy kat /giggle

But yeah, so many names and good memories

“I thought we were gonna call this one #Insanity?”

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Each one more dead than the last, but deader than the one before them

oh we probably will.

Just needed to open the door and get the tea and cookies going first :smiley:
(besides, the boss might yell at me if he sees what’s on my computers right now /giggle)

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i wouldn’t call any of them dead. they’d just…go to sleep for a while every now and again



(Lady Cyndi Lou gets comfortable in her Cookie Corner.)

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Oh hey, it’s all shiny and new in here.


ok now I got an urge to sign into my drood after work /giggle

/running pounce
/happy grin

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Time for a celebration!

sets out a carrot cake, Apple tarts, apple cider and whipped cream


squeezy hugs you back

How ya been? :smiley: